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Ashton Cartel

Jun 27, 2022
1. Your name IRL -> Ashton Davies
2. Your age -> 17+
3. Time zone -> UTC +1
4. Average online per day -> 4 to 8 at weekends more
5. Your Discord -> Ashton Davis#6429
6. Your Nickname -> Ashton Rich
7. Your ID -> 504
Additional information
1. Leader of FIB.

2. Why do you want to be a leader of this specific organization? (List three reasons with an explanation)

1 -> first of all i fly in the city as a sahp officer i ranked my self to lieutenant then i decided to do at goverment as a waden but then i got a bit bored so i decided to transfer to lspd i ranked up to hc then . i got a chance to be hod of spec ops of fib and hod of hr and i loved the org so i stayed in fib and i got cheif of staff > i think s a cheif off staff i learned alot from leaders so i wont do in my term and im am active on e-mail an d good communicasion skills and im respect full to all my agents so i have a good relationship with them .
2 -> i think to make fib the most fun is when we often do promo and special operasion and ghetto petrols we need to do at least 3 ghetto petrols each week and 2 black markets raids each week . we will be hiring new agents often to get big numbers at store rooberys . fib will always respond to department no matter what . there will be meetings each week about fib if any problems regarding it .

3. too make fib agents active i will be giving them simple task to complete if they dont they will receive a strike or suspended hr will look and sort that each week .
and hod will get a task to do if they dont theyr department will get a strike if they get 2 strikes the hod and dhod will get removed

3. Your advice for improving RolePlay level in the organization.
1. my advice to improve roleplay level is that all mt agents will get trained very good until they understand every think because i dont want to have any officers at store roobery that dont know how to do 10-15 or make sure the hostege is safe . i dont want any rule brecker in the org so i dont want a vebal warning or warning

2. i think my agents need to know the legislation , the federal law and all the basic rules in the city like ub and pg and mg ecc..... as i said before i dont want rule brekers so i dont want lawyers at fib hall to speak about a SUBPOENA

3. i want that all my agents will be responding at 911 calls and atm robbery with always with one unit with them . dont want any agents in garage or fib hall messing around or slepping only agents there need to be in fib are hr agents . if not they will received a strike from hc or me


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