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Kavya Reddie

Server Administrator
Server Administrator
Aug 8, 2022
1. Your name IRL: Vinay Anna
2. Your age: 23
3. Time zone: GMT+5:30(IST)
4. Average online per day:10-12 hours
5. Your Discord: Vinay#8929
6. Your Nickname: Kavya Royall
7. Your ID:3330
Additional information

1. Leader of FIB

2. Why do you want to be a leader of this specific organization? (List three reasons with an explanation)

The main reason me wanting to become a FIB leader is, I have been dreaming of becoming a police officer since my childhood in real life, which I failed due to some personal circumstances, but here in RP, I feel like it gets me that feeling of leading a legal org side.

I have been working in FIB, Since the start of EN3 server. Now I feel that I have the skills and the support to carry the badge of the leader of FIB. During my time in FIB, I have successfully led many things, like collecting evidence as an Undercover agent, making case files, gang raids, special operations, store robberies, hostage situations, Ghetto Patrol, and many more. When talking about my past experiences, I also worked in NG, EMS, LSPD, and FIB in EN2 server, Some as higher commands but some with general ranks.

When I used to work in en2 as well as present in en3, I developed my decision making skills, and teamwork skills, and also mastered how to deal with the conflicts between people & coworkers around me, which I feel a good leader should possess. Apart from personal skills, my relationship with the previous term's upstanding employees & leaders, is really strong, who I believe will support me throughout my leadership term.

3. Your advice for improving RolePlay level in the organization.

-> I feel like we should create a friendly atmosphere with other legal organizations because I have observed there are a lot of disputes in situations like store robberies & hostage situations, where having an enhanced relationship would make things straightforward.

-> During the situations like store robberies & hostage situations, there is a lack of proper RP Followed. I would appoint a dedicated team in FIB who trains them properly for these kinds of RP Situations.

-> I would ensure that my organization will be up and running 24/7 without any absence. I will make sure this happens by hosting multiple recruitment drives during the night & daytime.

-> Employees burnout and getting bored of recurring RP situations, to avoid this situation I will be hosting events, and fun activities and I have some awesome ideas, which will keep them motivated throughout my term.

Finally, to conclude, I will make sure my team and I would do everything we mentioned above, Thanks for reading my application.


Stelix Arya

Jan 30, 2022
+1 to this guy, experienced person and can make FIB to it's best. :ninja:
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