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Frosty Paul

May 29, 2022
1.Your name IRL- Vineeth Babu
2. Your age- 20
3. Time zone-5.30+IST
4. Average online per day-4 To 6 hours weekend 12 hrs +

5.Your discord-Frosty Paul#6670

6.Yours nickname-Frosty Paul

7.Your ID- 2405

1. Leader of... Federal Investigation Bureau [FIB]

2. Why do you want to be a leader of this specific organization? (List three reasons with explanation)

i Have a Quite good experience in FIB in EN3 as I was HOD OF IA in the FIB in two terms and i think The FIB needs to get more powerful and the People must be fear of that That's the main goal

Secondly, I have good leadership Skills and I don't even think about the partiality Because I will treat Everyone the Same i dont want such differences arose in FIB like favouritism and stuff i saw many one are doing this kind of favouritsm i dont want to get it happen done if i get the LEADER

Lastly, as an FIB agent I main aim to make the Hostage safe in the situation and another is aim is to get the criminals as i saw many people only want the criminals not the hostage i want to focus on that

3. Your advices for improving Roleplay level in organization.

First advice is to make the HR team stable because as it is the important Department in FIB and i want to make the new people to get trained and to make them to get their experience in FIB

Second advice is to make the UNDER COVER UC department to make much stronger because i Saw many people to join FIB only because of Under cover i want to teach the people how to go under cover and how to collect evidences in ghetto and how to confistcate and tips and tricks to get the people who are selling illegal guns and leo armors etc

Last thing is to make new type of log which enable us to get note of everything what they have done and many stuff And to make new rank new dresscodes etc

lspd-major of patrol,major of detectives,major of air support divison
families turfer
ballas under deputy
marabunta deputy 2 times
vagos-under deputy

Asrin Pluxury

Coding my life away!
Senior Administrator
Jun 27, 2022

interviews will be on Wednesday at 16:00 server time
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