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May 22, 2022
1. Your name IRL Joseph
2. Your age 17
3. Time zone est
4. Average online per day 3-8
5. Your Discord BOT_BOOF#0834
6. Your Nickname Joseph_Ghost
7. Your ID 14489
Additional information
1. Leader of... Federal Investigation Bureau

2. Why do you want to be a leader of this specific organization? (List three reasons with an explanation)

2.1 I want to be the leader of FIB because i have prior experience in other HC positions (DHOD of HR / Captain of SWAT / Marabunta HC). I would say that the amount of experience i have would make me a great candidate for Director of FIB.

2.2 I have a main goal of getting active members for all time zones as while i have been in FIB during the night there is not many active. I will hire a equal amount of people for each time zone so we are not overloaded during the day and have no one during the night.

2.3 Lastly I plans on very frequent events which include all IC events(ghetto patrol, gang raids, etc...) and OOC events(go kart races, etc...)

3. Your advice for improving RolePlay level in the organization.
My advices for roleplay are that i have plans on strict enforcement of the rules and will teach anyone the rules they don't know. I am a great mentor and will guide all of my employees to success, I am friendly but also strict at the same time so i am a perfect mix for someone that people will listen to and respect at the same time. I will choose my deputy and HOD based on skill not bc they are my friends or anything else. I am a equal person and will include everyone whenever possible.

Asrin Pluxury

Coding my life away!
Senior Administrator
Jun 27, 2022

Age is lower than expected for a leadership role and lack of effort
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