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Lisaa Flower

May 13, 2022
1. Your name IRL: Rudra Singh
2. Your age: 16
3. Time zone: IST
4.Average online per day: 3-7 hrs
5. Your Discord: DANNY KROWN#8667
6. Your Nickname: Dannyy Alexander
7. Your ID: 1710
Additional information
1. Leader of...
2. Why do you want to be a leader of this specific organization? (List three reasons with explanation)

I want to become the FIB leader as I have noticed that I actually enjoy a lot doing undercover stuff like-
A. Collecting evidence against gangs
B. Spying on illegal weaponry sellers
C. Patrolling the city undercover to protect the citizens without letting them know.
D. Attending 911 Calls/Globals/Locals undercover.
I m always interested in doing undercover work no matter what time is it, I can do special tasks in the shadows and I want to take this thing to the next level to make the RP more interesting for us and more realistic for gangs. Imagine in real life you try to sell illegal guns and suddenly any law enforcement dept tries to stop you similarly, I want to make this RP more mature in the city by improving RP stuff in the undercover dept.

Making the FIB agents more forward to the RP.
A) I have seen a lot of guys doing /me turns on bodycam & /do It is recording, if we see this RP-LY then it is perfect but in any gunfights, your bodycam could be destroyed as per the RP.
So, if we do this /me turns on the bodycam & /do It is recording and uploading to the FIB clouds then if your bodycam stops working so no problem your last scene would probably be saved in the clouds. What it does- It helps out the department to get evidence with a valid bodycam and it might help us to understand any secret pattern of a crime with valid bodycams.

B) I have another great example that sometimes what happens is when there is a suspect on any store's roof, what we usually do is we patch the suspect and we grab him to take him down without doing the proper RP which is power gaming. To get off this thing we can do some RP commands before taking them down by ladders we need to think about how we could take him down while grabbing him. The basic solution would be asking 1 more LEO for help at first we need to give the hand to the suspect to get to the ladders then the other guy would push him from the top and the agent at the bottom would hold him. Similarly, we need to do RP commands as follows /me give the hand to the suspect, /me push him slowly with the help of the other LEO/s and /me hold and pull him from the bottom. RP has been initiated so it would not be considered as PG and will help us to get rid of the everyday problems with RP.

These are just some examples coz a lot of agents don't know about this, I want to make them familiar with everyday RP.

Better relationship with other orgs
I have a lot of friends in other Legal orgs which would definitely help us in any situation being together as a human chain. Co-operation is also the best policy to grow up in the state organization field. If they ask me for any help then I would never step back I can help IC-LY and OOC-LY (but not bring IC situation to OOC). I already have a good relationship with SAHP/LSPD/NG/GOV. If any store robbery or any hostage situation occurs we would not be taking all the advantages for FIB only we can also coordinate with SAHP/LSPD/NG/USSS according to the situation. The best part is I have the best relationship with other orgs which means we can win any impossible situation.

3. Your advices for improving RolePlay level in organization.


A) For me the most important thing that matter is equality, I promise that if I get the term curator will get 0 complaints about discrimination, racism, race, etc I never tolerate these things and even tho why should I? This thing actually hurts me the most, my advice is that before talking about improving RP we should talk about equality first because there is nothing behind equality.

B) In my org every agent will be treated equally and there will be unity in between. No one could break that if the leader gives his best towards his org.



A) In my advice this is actually the most important thing after equality, I know how it feels when your friend gets a promotion without doing anything, to get rid of these things I have something cool. We will make a complaint form that will only be backed by the director or deputy director and will be forwarded to the IA department if it approves.

B) At this time we will trace everyone's work before giving promotions. I have a plan to add a section to the roaster which is "last promoted date", it would help us to trace the frequency of the promotions given to that specific agent.

C) Proper management of the strike system, this thing will be back by the chief of staff. In my work history, I have seen a lot of high commands removing the strikes of their friends or besties. If any high command is found doing this then it's a clear blacklist. I m very serious about this topic this time.

D) We will also request random bodycams from our agents to actually note down their performance and maintain professionalism within the organization.

Asrin Kovacs

Coding my life away!
Senior Administrator
Jun 27, 2022

age is lower than expected for leadership role
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