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Stelix Arya

Jan 30, 2022
1. Your name IRL : Sumith Arya
2. Your age : 23
3. Time zone: GMT (+5:30)
4. Average online per day : 6 - 7 hours a day
5. Your Discord : Stelix#0007
6. Your Nickname: Stelix Arya
7. Your ID : 866

Additional information
Leader of (Life Invader)


1: I have been in this city for like 4 months and I have been working in LI and I have served a term as LI leader too in other city and learned a lot, I know every rule of LI how it works and how can it be more functional. I think I can be more involving to all employees. I have been in both creative and ADs team.

2: Our employees get motivated by giving more instant bonuses and more fun activities at our headquarters.

3: The employees are working very well on ADs but the departments in LI, But I wanna give access for creative department too for doing ADs, as they don't have work every hour except doing posters when needed, I wanna change that.
So that LI can be more functional and active.

4: Every higher up will be given a particular task everyday, if completed they can get bonus for that.

5. I will make sure every hard working employee gets bonuses from time to time.

Events Department:
They will be more active as I have some plans on conducting events around the city, I will take ideas from employees too.
We create a plan on how event goes and make sure it happens as planned.

Creative Department:
This department will have more work as events are conducted creative team has to take footage and make a 1 min video about winners and event.
They will get paid high as this is a bit tough job to do.

Advertising Department:
As ADs are our main priority they will get instant bonuses everyday time to time based on their hard work.

News Department:
This department will make news articles on weekly basis on activities going on in city.
About robberies, events conducted, parties, ceremonies, etc.


~ I will host events regularly for LI employees.
~ We have to make more roleplay in LI by our new departments.
~ We will conduct some events with other organizations.
~ We will conduct some recruitments not only for Org but also for our departments separately.
~ I will also conduct as many global events as possible.
~ I will make contacts of all PR departments and make sure we post articles every now and then, to be more into other Orgs.
~ And the above mentioned works for department also improves the Roleplay in their respective departments.


Asrin Kovacs

Coding my life away!
Senior Administrator
Jun 27, 2022

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