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Sep 2, 2022

  • Ezgi
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  • Ezgi#8915
  • Lucy Carter
  • 1114
Additional information

1- Leader of LifeInvader

2- Why do you want to be a leader of this specific organization? (List three reasons with an explanation)

I would like to be the leader of Lifeinvader (LI) to continue the progress and success that have been achieved by our current team. I have been a part of LI more than 5 months. I started as Ads team intern in EN2, then soon, I started to being involved all other departments. I was holding Head of Creative Team Department position and I am currently holding Deputy Leader (Chief Operating Officer) in EN2 which I have gained a lot of experiences and took responsibilities.

I want to become leader of LifeInvader in EN3 to share my experiences with my teammates and make LifeInvader more enjoyable places to be in. I will guide my current teammates and take initiative to create opportunities for people who have hidden talents.

I want to become leader to show people that LifeInvader is just not about posting Ads. I am aware of the advertisements are the arteries of the city. However, most of the people are forgetting that LI has other 2 departments. Creative and Journalism teams. I will continue to host Talent Shows and Global events, but I want to implement new event ideas that will be in several stages and people will be more open to roleplaying. Moreover, we have also Journalist identity as an organization. Thats why I will encourage people to reveal their journalistic identities, and I will reveal the unknown aspects of the city with the news we will make.

3- Your advice for improving RolePlay level in the organization.

As I mentioned above, I will try my best to keep active Creative and Journalism team as much as I can, because people can continue to doing RP while participating events that are hosted by Lifeinvader, also our teammates will be able to continue roleplaying by taking part in events and news/documents to be made.


Dan Bvlgari

Yacht Club Founder
Leader of unofficial org
Jan 18, 2022
+1 For Lucy.
She deserves to lead LI. 🗂️
A wonderful person, persistent, very organized.
Good Luck ❤️🤘.

Asrin Pluxury

Coding my life away!
Senior Administrator
Jun 27, 2022

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