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IMPORTANT Rules of Green Zone

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Curator of the project
Curator of the project
Apr 28, 2021
It is a place where all criminal activities are forbidden.

General Rules for Green Zone
1.1 Green Zone killings are prohibited /Warn
1.2 It is forbidden to buy weapons, drugs. Also to kidnapp, rob people and put bags on players head. / Warn
1.3 It is forbidden to leave RP situation by joining in a green zone/ Warn List of all green zones
2.1 Government agencies: Central Hospital, Government, FIB, LSPD, SAHP.
2.2 Initial and public works: Truckers, Electricians, Sawmill, Farm 1-2, Bus workers, Taxi companies, Oil rig.
2.3 Enterprises: Car dealerships, Motorcycle dealerships, Boat sales, Air transport sales, Service stations, Shops 24/7, Clothing stores, Jewelry store, Parking spaces, Burger shop(marked on the map "B?", gas station, Construction site, Bar, Black market.
2.4 Other: Lifeinvader, LS Airport, Licensing Center, Trade Market, Stadium, Casino, Prison, Post Office, Auto Fair, Real Estate Agency, Recruiting Office, Weapon Assembly, Beach Gym, Resource Exchange Points, Purchasing Rooms, Bank, ATM, Fishing Pier , Residential complex, Auto theft, Bunker.
Not open for further replies.
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