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Ajeey thakur

May 8, 2021
He is from a family where every one has served gov in terms of security from WW2. As expected everyone wants him to do the same. So he got a job tokyo because of the street racers on the street and cops behind them for 5min. The whole department don’t have a guy to know the car and run it on the street. Now his experience worked of 17yrs racer. That the thing they have is NOS in their car that gives them a secret power to car. I got this case so I asked for a car that can blend in. They have the cars that in police custody he finds three cars a mustang . Camero and skyline . So he toke camero because his is well knows to this car. His work is to race on street legally but for the racers illegally. So then he caught all of them but not one guy who drives 1969 charger. At that moment he get to his friends . His friend surrendered and also get a job . In the department for the same to run the cars on highways and streets but now from behind. When he caught his name was aman thakur his cousin brother. They left the city to watch after a guy named arjun thakur his real brother how got in gangs . Aman and ajeeyleft Japan and flew to LOS SANTOS
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