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May 11, 2021
Name: Aaron Yeager
Eyes: Green
Hair Colour: Brown
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Date Of Birth: 24/07/1995
Parents: Terry & Josephine Yeager

Aaron grew up in a family that went back generations in law-enforcement, thought his childhood Aaron always dreamed of one day becoming an F.I.B agent just like his farther Terry. In his early teens Aaron started to get lessons from his farther (who was high ranking in the F.I.B) that taught him some very valuable skills on how to make the most of his environment and preserve the resources that he has. One of the skills Aaron picked up was when in combat he learned to pick up the ammunition that had not been used by his opponents and use it to help himself in the situation. Another thing that Aaron learned from Terry (his father) was to always take note of his surroundings. This meant that during every situation Aaron is always extremely observant and will always know where he can escape/take cover if needed.

As soon as Aaron was 18 he applied for the LSPD where he was accepted and completely filled with joy as this was just the beginning of his big dream that he has had since he was a very small child. Aaron stayed with the LSPD for about 3 years when he was finally ready and had enough experience with law-enforcement to put in his application for the F.I.B. A couple of months passed when Aaron finally received a letter addressed to him. The letter read "Dear Aaron Yeager, It is our pleasure to inform you that your application for the F.I.B has been accepted! Please make your way to the F.I.B headquarters on Monday where you will be having your face to face interview!"
On Monday, Aaron attended his interview making sure to make himself look as presentable and professional as possible even going out of his way to get a brand new bowtie for the interview. During his interview, Aaron was asked if he was in any way familiar with being in or around law enforcement to which he answered yes and told the interviewer all about his father and his childhood dreams to one day be apart of the F.I.B and the fact that he had previously worked for the LSPD as a patrol officer for a number of years. All of this combined with Aaron's great personality and confidence made Aaron finally achieve his dream in being an F.I.B officer!

During his first couple of months at the F.I.B Aaron was an agent in training where he would regularly go out on patrol with other higher ranking agents just to get a really good idea at what the job involved and how he can do things like an experienced agent. After going through his FTP one two and three Aaron was finally ready to become a Special Agent. The people down at the F.I.B really saw the potential and the determination in Aaron and where highly impressed and took a liking to Aaron both as a person and as an employee. Aaron always made sure that he was never late for a shift and was always putting in 110% of effort 100% of the time, because of this Aaron was moved up just 3 weeks after his first promotion to Special Agent II. Aarons Father (Terry) was extremely proud of him for fulfilling his childhood dream and becoming an F.I.B agent just like his father. All of this leads up to the current day, where Aaron is still putting in 100% of his time and effort into trying to be the number one agent within the F.I.B and will do anything it takes to get himself there. During his training Aaron was told that alot of people will try and get out of their crimes by claiming misconduct on the law enforcement side, because of this Aaron now has a bodycam on and recording 100% of the time while he is at work and doing undercover operations.


1. Aaron can loot ammunition (not guns) from fallen enemy's to help himself in a gun fight.

2. Aaron is extremely aware of his surroundings and will always find a way to escape or find cover if needed.

3. Aaron will always have a bodycam recording while on duty & during undercover stings.
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