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Forum Frog
May 8, 2021
Name: Barry Allen
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Date of Birth: 04/05/1998
Nationality: Finnish-Filipino
Sex: Straight
Personality: Sly, Calm, Intelligent, Brave, Gun Lover.
Place of Birth: Finland
Residence: ???
Parents: James Allen (Father(Deceased)), Nora Allen(Mother(Deceased)).
Height: 5"11
Weight: 190lbs
Body Type: Well-built
Eye Color: Ocean Blue
Hair Color: Blonde

{8 years old}
Barry Allen was born in a rural town of Finland. He had a normal childhood growing up until his 8th birthday when his family decided to travel to Africa. The plane they were on crashed and the only survivor fortunately enough was Barry. He was found by African Mercenaries and the mercenaries took him in and they treated his wounds and fed him. He was very scared and shy and didn't talk to them at all cause of the language barriers. He would watch as the mercenaries fought, trained and killed people.

{10 years old}
Fast forward 2 years of him living somewhere in the African Jungle. He started to learn the language of the people and has adapted to the heat and living conditions.
One day a mercenary gave him a gun and asked him if he wanted to try. Barry was very curious as to why they were using such weapons, he tried and when he fired, he got hit in the face by the recoil... but it gave him goosebumps. The mercenaries then started training the boy as he learned to use weapons and taught him hand-to-hand combat and to use the environment around you well. He tried all possible weapons available but what peaked his interest the most were the Revolver and the Assault Rifle.

{20 years old}
Fast forward 10 years later...

He has now become an expert of using hand-to-hand combat, using the Revolver and Assault Rifle. He has taken hundreds of mercenary missions such as raiders taking civilians as hostage and him saving them, protecting an important individual or assassinations. One day there was a mission of saving an american person from getting killed by raiders. He didn't care about the background of a person as his only focus is the rewards of saving/killing the person. He wants the money to be able to feed and treat himself and of course buy weapons from the Market.

He went to the location of the american soldier that was taken hostage and took out the men guarding the location, be it one by one or many at once by using swift movements and playing mind-games with them. As he saved the american man he got the spoils and rewards of the mission. As the days went by after he saved the man, the man asked what the name of his saviour is, as he answered "Barry Allen", and he asked back what the man he saved what his name was and the man answered "Garry Green"

Garry Green was not an ordinary man, to be precise he was a police officer of Los Santos and he is a captain of recruitment program they have and also part of a SWAT team. Garry Green asked if he wanted to come with him to Los Santos and be part of the police department and help civilians of the city. Barry was very hesitant at first, because of his relation with the mercenaries because they were a father figure for him. But the mercenaries wanted the best for him and wanted him live a life away from the war in Africa.

{22 years old}
Fast forward 2 years...

For the past two years he has been prepared to be able to speak, read and learn about the culture in America, so as when he arrives he doesn't get hindered by anything.
Barry then went with Garry Green to Los Santos, America where he got trained by the Captain of Recruitment Program as to when he arrives at the police department he knows mostly what he's supposed to do. He then get recruited to SWAT because a member of SWAT saw what Barry could become if he gets the right training.

In America Barry Allen doesn't have a home as he travels with a white Ford Raptor Truck. The closest thing to home is the Police Department.

Outcomes -

- Barry is able to eliminate threats 1v3 using his surroundings around him and mind-games because of his experience in the African Jungle and expert weapon skills.
- Barry uses his sunglasses to record footage of his eyes and can be turned on and off depending the situation.
- Barry is able to pick up guns and ammunition from his enemies, as he is very conservative of his use of weapons.
- Barry uses the Market(Black Market) as his main shop of weapons as it's cheap because he values money a lot. As he will stock up or sell the weapons he picks up from his enemies to make money to buy better weapons or ammunitions.
- Barry will take bribery for the money but will not listen to the conditions of the criminals and prosecute them.
- Barry uses a black mask at all times to hide his scar on his face, but will show his face to his most trusted companions.
- Barry has weapons on him at all times may it be the police departments weapons or his own for whatever that may happen to him and will use lethal force if used against him first.
- Barry will take very questionable decisions when his mind gets clouded or when he gets angry, that may cause him to go to jail.
- Barry will not speak anything about his department or anything important if ever taken as hostage, as he would rather die for the Police Department that took him in.

Nova Grey

May 7, 2021
I will accept your BIO besides points 1 and 3. However i will allow 1v2 gunfights instead of 1v3.

Sam Pluxury

Deputy Chief Administrator
Deputy Chief Administrator
May 7, 2021
BIO disabled as you have applied for a updated one
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