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Curator of the project
Curator of the project
Apr 28, 2021

1.1 Teaming is strictly forbidden(except events where it is systematically) | Jail 120 min
1.2 It is forbidden to kill/rob/kidnap/etc. before the event starts(10 minutes before) and 5 minutes after | Warn
1.3 It is forbidden to enter event area before the event starts. | Jail 120 min
1.4 A limit of people on robberies of gunshops / 24/7 should be 40/40 people for gang/state organisation. | Demorgan 180 min
1.5 An event like robberies of gunshops 24/7 have to be a role play and state organisations can talk to criminals | Demorgan 180 min
1.6 Machine guns and sniper rifles are forbidden. | Jail 120 min
1.7 All participants of all events under all spheres must record POV and hold it within 48 hours | 30 days ban
1.8 It is forbidden to transfer family members between families for family war/business war. | Warn and disqualification
1.9 It is forbidden to block the entrance by barricades or cars. You must leave free pass that people can go through by driving cars. | Jail 120 min
1.10 During the purge it is forbidden to use weapons of any organisation. All warehouses must be closed at 11 PM. | Ban 30 days
1.11 During events with a red circles, all players must be inside a red circle. Shooting outside the zone is forbidden. | Jail 120 min
1.12 There is a limit of 2 hostages during robbery events and kidnapping | Warn
1.13 Families are not allowed to kill other families members on purpose in aircraft carrier event and bank robbery. | Jail 120 min
1.14 During robbery of Fort Zancudo it is forbidden to be on roofs | Jail 120 min
1.15 During Submarine Event, it is not allowed to use roofs. | Jail 120 min
1.16 During any hostage situation including (robbery of 24/7, gunshop) gangs can ask only for money for a hostage
Civilian - up to 100k
Law enforcement officer - up to 200k
High command - up to 300k
Leaders - up to 400k
1.17 It is forbidden to use personal cars in events where you are acting as a gangmember. (You have to use only org cars)
1.18 It is forbidden to use places that cannot be accessed by foot or ladder when event already started and it is not allowed to use highground such as highways which are not accessible from inside the event once it has started. | Jail 120 min
Not open for further replies.
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