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Jun 11, 2021
Name: Sasha Belov 32356
Gender: Male
Age: 23
DOB: 24/11/1997
Nationality: RU/USA
Place of Birth: Moscow, Russia
Residence: Los Santos, San Andreas, USA
Parents: Svetlana Belov ( Moscow, Russia) Boris Belov ( Moscow, Russia )
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 210lbs
Body Type: Sporty, bulky muscles.
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Black (Naturally) Blue (Highlights)
Facial Hair: Trimmed beard.
Other Defining Features:

Sasha is a closed up person but eventho, he can easily join a group of people and find a topic to speak about and work together towards something. His relaxed personallity often can be mistaken that he doesn't care or only thinks about himself but when he is fired up about a job he has to do, he will break all limits to reach those goals.

Born in capital of Russia, Moscow city. His mother Svetlana was a young mom of 19 years of age, dad Boris was older 25. Sasha's parents were giving him everything they can in their power at the time, but the place the area they were living in, had some questionable people living there, some of them were gang members, some were drug dealers or gun sellers, and obviously there were the people who used drugs or alcohol. Sasha's Dad (Boris) was in the military serving as a Captain while his mom was a Nurse in a military Hospital. Boris was teaching Sasha from young age how to defend himself and others from dodgy people that were robbing civilians. His mother on the other hand, as a nurse should, was teaching Sasha how to first aid people, stop bleedings from gun wounds, stab wounds or other type of wounds. Because of his father, Sasha had big interest in army, specifically "Spetsnaz" Russian special forces team. His father helped him with training from very young age for the difficult tasks that will be in the future.
When Sasha was 17, just about to turn 18, finishing school, his father went onto a secret mission, he did not say much about the mission, but he said that before Sasha's birthday he is going to be back, 2 months passed by after Sasha father left to the mission and there was no contact between them, Sasha was worried but had a lot of hope everything is ok, while Sasha's mom was devastaded and crying everyday. 1 Week before Sasha birthday, a call came from high ranking commander, with news that Boris died in the mission few weeks ago trying to save 2 of his team members from a grenade, he covered them with his own body. With these news Sasha died inside, closed up from the outside world, did not want army, do his final school exams, was getting into fights with the known area "dealers". A letter was sent in one day, written by his father while he was still on the mission saying that he doesnt want anything more than his son to join the army and take care of his mother, but he wanted Sasha to move to USA and join the US Army, or their special forces because they were "pure" and did no ridiculous, dodgy or illegal missions like the Russian army.

With the money gotten from Russian army as death gratuity, Sasha and his mother moved to US and got citizenship. Because of Sasha's training and ability to adapt fast to situations, during his army testing period, Sasha had no problem to join NG, and his one goal was to join special forces, after some time, he was taken in by Johnny under his wing, with Eva's blessing he joined SASD together with the friends he mad, now they work as a solid unit, and Sasha would do anything to protect them.

Sasha's childhood made a dent in his personallity to this day, seeying the dodgy people around him in his area, he learned to steal, or take something which is placed in the wrong place and bring home, for his own use. During some situations, like shootouts with gangs, Sasha from time to time might be taking the guns left over and using them for his personal use. Also Sasha, doesnt understand the feeling of "fear", if his people are under danger, it does not matter to him 1v2, 1v3 or how many people he needs to kill, he WILL save his friends.

Sasha is always ready and looking forward for combat, no matter if he is on duty or off duty, he always keeps an armour or 2 on himself, and few guns in his car or on himself, if Sasha would ever see other legal organizations like FIB or PD under fire with a high chance of loosing, he will help them and call backup from SASD members if its too close of a fight.

1 - Not afraid of fighting agains more than 1 enemy on his own, his special training in early days from his father and special forces, allows him to fight 3 or even 4 people.
2 - Will have an NG vest on him at all times and a weapon to be able to protect himself and others from gangsters.
3 - Sasha is loyal to his friends and family, so he will never betray NG or its members, by giving away information under any pressure or even if its gonna kill him in a hostage situation. He will not give away or sell NG warehouse inventory items to any gang members for money or other benefits to him.
4 - Sasha will take weapons from dead gangsters such as Revolvers to use against them, because he was trained to use any type of gun. Will NEVER give them back to the gang members or sell them, but will take them for himself or share upon his fellow SASD members that he trust 100%.
5 - Sasha will not allow any civilian get bullied or robbed by gangs, will always jump out and try protecting defenceless people
6 - Sasha will risk his own life to save his family members
7 - Sasha will risk his own life to save his organization members
8 - Sasha will always try fleeying from a situation, for example when gangsters come over to his car and tell him to get out. Since he is part of SASD he was trained to drive under extreme situations.

Zac Zero

May 26, 2021
From the Leader of the National Guard, all applications for in-game biographies within the organization is put to pause.
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