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Papi Gordo

May 12, 2021


(Background Story)​

Originating from Japan, and making its way to Los Santos, the Yakuza family originated back in the 1960s as members of a transnational organized crime syndicate. Upon reaching Los Santos the Yakuza were a strong gang who reigned the underground scene of San Andreas and the central city. As time went on. state organizations and other crime organizations took over the state and pushed the Yakuza to slowly take its business elsewhere. The Yakuza leader began to grow sick as age took its toll, he searched far and high to try and find someone suitable to take over. As times continued, the previous leader of Yakuza's laid on his death bed, as his last dying wish all he wanted to see was the organization he grew himself and fell in love with regrow into what it once was.


(The new Oyabun)

It was a dark stormy night, nothing to have anymore to his name, all the products of what he is and what he created was destroyed and taken from him. He was once at the top of the world and lead one of the most respected organized Legal Departments, to then fly in one day and have it all stripped away and his boarding pass denied upon entry. Rage, Anger, and Sadistic thoughts ran threw his head, "I'm going to get back this city for what they've done to me!" scram Pain, and those words would forever linger in his mind. Walking through the city on a stormy night, Pain high off cocaine and drunk off vodka shots, went to the Los Santos Freeway and was ready to jump off the highway into on going traffic. It wasn't Until!

Everything went black, is this a bag over my head? Pain was grabbed and thrown in the back of a random truck, and was accompanied by what sounded like loud drag racing bikes. Scared out of his mind Pain quickly tried to address the situation, unfortunately for him he was quickly hit with the stock of a rifle and went unconscious. When awoken, Pain was greeted in a dark tunnel with over 10 men wearing blacked out Asian clothing. Extremely confused Pain quickly got up to ask what's going on. A man in a bright white Asian ascended from the darkness wearing a scary toothy mask and said you have been chosen by the Oyabun to lead the Yakuza, this is not a formal request but more of a demand. Pain confused wasn't sure what was happening, what to think, he questioned "What do you mean demand?" The man confirmed the path of the Yakuza is one not chosen but one appointed. It was at this moment Pain saw his lingering thought become a reality. From this point on, He was taught all the secrets and how the organization of the family worked. He began to make the changes he needed to make sure the family worked more efficiently and didn't suffer the same downfall it did before. Pain loved to see his idea come to life and see the fallen people on this city join a family where they felt there hard work didn't go to waste. The goal stayed the same for pain, "I'm going to get back this city for what they've done to me!"


(The Next Chapter)

Coming soon...



(Business Information)


Not much is known about the Yakuza family as they try to keep there details as hidden as possible. They wear Asian descended clothes and are usually dressed in all black when committing crimes. They follow a strict code of life "DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR" Not much is known of the business the Yakuza are in, they can be mainly seen partaking in illegal activities such as taking LEOs for hostage and selling them off to gangs, but don't have a general base.


(Family Roster)





May 8, 2021
From Mathers Family to the Yakuza I must say these words. I'm very please, proud and honor to have met you gentleman in the city. I hope for many adventures, endeavors, and of course great times amongst your presence in the city. I bless you and your family with great future success and I see nothing but high potential for you Pain and your fellow gentleman.

Brendan Mathers
Boss of Mathers Family
CEO and Founder Mathers Organization
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