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Tyler Haze

Jun 9, 2021
Street name: Tyler Haze

Gender: Male

Age: 34

Date of Birth: 20/04/1986

Nationality: Croatian American

Place of birth: Zagreb

Residence: Los Santos, San Andreas, USA

Parents: Father: Ivan Haze

Mother: Mary Jane Haze

Height and weight: 185cm / 80 kg

Body Type: Fit and Muscular

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Brown

Facial hair: Neat stubble

Tattoos: Hand, torso and legs Tattoos

Citizenship: American / Croatian

Personality: Straight forward and upfront, short fuse on everyone who disrespects his beliefs or his family .

Hobbies: Luxury Cars, Trained Pilot , Legal Cannabis cultivator

Knowledge of languages: English, German , Croatian , Bosnian , Serbian , Spanish

Tyler Haze was born in Zagreb in Croatia , His Dad was a colonel in the Croatian military and his mother was working as an accountant .
Growing up all Tyler saw around him was war , greed and sorrow . All these experiences made him extremely unforgiving and hard to approach as a young teenager .

At the age of 21 Tyler moved to USA and he joined the Army and got shipped out to Somalia and other African country's at war , the horrors he saw there made him lose all hope on humanity and people in general.
After two years in African jungle Tyler has returned to USA completely empty inside , but he was lucky enough to find love in between all that horror and sorrow . Tyler fell in love with a Hispanic girl named Maria Darkin who shoved him there is still good in some people . These two where madly in love and Tyler basically managed to forget all the horrors from his "previous life" .

Five years later while visiting Maria's parents in Columbia , Tyler connected with Maria's brother Kayn Darkin on a different level these two became like brothers . Kayne introduced him to a small group of friends witch called them self's "Vagos".
One evening Kayn called Haze to his apartment where he showed him insane stock of drugs , weapons and ammunition . Kayn said to him ... If your down to make our families set for life ...We have to fly to USA and form a unit of trained killers and hustlers with one goal in mind ... to take over the drug cartels and and all other gangs in USA . Kayn had some connections and he made it all happen extremely quickly .
Tyler didn't even question anything , he was used to follow orders and since Kayn was like his brother he didn't think twice .
Finally two of them settled in a city called Los Santos , while there families and loved ones stayed in Columbia .
In next few months these two started gathering trained assassins and gangsters to there organization . Financing everything with premium drugs imported from there home land . It didn't take to long for them to build a reputation of relentless killers and gangsters respected by most but also hated by few powerful individuals in the city.
Fast forward to present time , these two accomplished almost all of there goals they set back home in Columbia and they are still expanding there empire each day . Tyler Haze has founded Vendetta Family which supports Vagos from the shadows .

Showing no fear to 3 or less people ,being able to try his best to talk him self out of the situation where 3 or less people are holding him hostage at gunpoint. He is not afraid to use his combat training when he sees an opportunity to get out by using force.

When he is in trouble, he can use ordinary tools and stuff around him as weapons which he can attempt to pick it up if he is not directly putting his own life in danger by doing so. The only time he would do this is if he has nothing else to protect himself with.

He would break any law to serve his personal agenda or protect his loved ones .

When seeing someone he cares about being arrested or taken hostage he will attempt to free them by any means necessary when suitable. (Except finishing them)

He will do for his fellow gang members what he would for his family as he sees them as Family too.

If he was to ever go up against his brother Kayn Darkin in a combat situation he would not harm him in anyway.

If he was in a hostage situation and forced to snitch on his brother or wife he would rather die then snitch on his family .
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