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IMPORTANT Rules for Leaders

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Curator of the project
Curator of the project
Apr 28, 2021

Rules for Leaders
1.1 The minimum term of leadership is at least 30 days, otherwise the leader is removed
from his post by blocking the game account for 3 days. If the leader leaves his
post with serious reason, then he is removed without a ban and his post is transferred to a trusted 9th (or other rank-deputy) or a new applications will be opened.
1.2 It is prohibited to use warehouse of the organization for personal purposes
1.3 When appointed to his post, the leader has the right to take a freeze of the faction for 24 hours.
1.4 The leader of criminal organizations (gangs) has the right to have four 9th(deputy) ranks
1.5 The leader of the state organization (and LifeInvader) has the right to have two 9th(deputy) ranks
1.6 The senior staff of any organizations is considered only 9th(deputy) rank and the leader of the faction.
1.7 The leader of the organization has the right to dismiss employees of his organization if
he has lost any confidence in them with the curators approval.
1.8 The leader can take a freeze of his faction from 12 to 24 hours once per term with the
permission of the senior curator.

2.1 Compliance with the rules of the server
2.2 Maintain a minimum daily online time of 2+ hours
2.3 Do not allow any provocative and conflict situations between the members of your
2.4 Listen to and comply with the requirements of the curators.

Prohibited for leaders
3.1 Play on other RP / RPG projects for GTA V and SAMP, holding any position (leader,
admin, etc.)
3.2. Play on an additional account (twinkie) for the opposite sphere of your organization.
3.3 Behave inappropriately (conflict, inappropriate). Toxicity is strictly restricted
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