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May 7, 2021
Name:Torpeda Magadan 2095
Gender: Male
Age: 30
DOB: 05/26/1990
Nationality: Lithuanian
Place of Birth: Lithuania, Panevezys
Residence: Los Santos, San Andreas, USA
Parents: Angelina Magadan, Vyciokas Magadan
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 100kg
Body Type: Sporty, bulky muscles.
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Grey (Naturally) Blue (Highlights)
Facial Hair: Short beard
Other Defining Features:

Torpeda Magadan was born in Lithuania. Both of the parents belonged to the criminal life. Torpeda belongs to a wealthy and rich family called Magadans, after his fathers death he became the head of Magadans family and controlled whole family and members as he liked. Everyone who lived in the city knew who is Torpeda and showed huge respect towards him and his family members. Torpeda is also being called Vor V Zakone of Los Santos city, he is the criminal authority (kriminalny avtoritet).

At the age of 25 Torpeda decided to change his lifestyle fully, he was well trained and knew how to use the weapons properly. He changed his name, and applied to become a National Guard. The application went through and he was invited to join NG. After couple months of working he was spotted by senior member Johnny otherwise called (Serbian Terminator). Johnny noticed during massive combat situations Torpeda and his comrades showed professional use of weapons and special tactics. Straight after the same evening Torpeda was invited to join SASD and Special strike force by (Richard and Johnny). Both of the special units are made of the strongest group of people who have the ability to react and respond immediately to any dangerous situations. Special unit provides tremendous help towards the whole city and other state departments.

1 - Not afraid of fighting against more than 1 enemy on his own, his special training in early days from his father and special forces, allows him to fight 3 or even 4 people.
2 - Will have an NG vest on him at all times and a weapon to be able to protect himself and others from gangsters.
3 - Torpeda is loyal to his friends and family, so he will never betray NG or its members, by giving away information under any pressure or even if its gonna kill him in a hostage situation. He will not give away or sell NG warehouse inventory items to any gang members for money or other benefits to him.

4 - Torpeda will take weapons from dead gangsters such as Revolvers to use against them, because he was trained to use any type of gun. Will NEVER give them back to the gang members or sell them, but will take them for himself or share upon his fellow SASD members that he trust 100%.
5 - Torpeda will not allow any civilian get bullied or robbed by gangs, will always jump out and try protecting defenceless people
6 - Torpeda will risk his own life to save his family members
7 - Torpeda will risk his own life to save his organization members
8 - Torpeda will always try to dip from a situation, for example when gangsters come over to his car and tell him to get out. Since he is part of SASD he was trained to drive under extreme situations.

Zac Zero

May 26, 2021
From the Leader of the National Guard, all applications for in-game biographies within the organization is put to pause.
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