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Rejected The Morello Family and Criminal Organization

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Jun 5, 2021
The Morello Family has existed for many years sticking to their Mainland of Liberty City. Formed by Jeffrey Morello in 2001 starting the Criminal Organization doing small crimes from extorting small businesses, to dealing drugs outside of local Burger Shots. The Family eventually grew to become one of the largest Criminal Factions in the city, Their name becoming a staple in the Criminal Underground.
That is until Jeffrey Morello was assassinated outside his home December 2011...
Leaving The Empire in the hands of his son Cody Morello...

With no time to Mourn over his Fathers death, Cody was appointed the head of the largest Criminal Organization on the east coast.
knowing the city was in chaos over this tragic event, and a price on his head, He decided it was time to take business endeavors elsewhere...

Thus arriving in San Andreas.

The Morello Family Sees New Light.

Upon arriving in Los Santos, We meet a slick young con man with the name of Vicente.
Over the span of a year completing petty crimes, Cody and Vicente begin developing a plan to rise to the top of the Los Santos Underworld.
Becoming the right hand to the Morello Family...

The two begin developing relationships with a lot of Big Wigs in the city.
Meeting a Weapons Manufacturer, Meeting the head of a Grow Operation, as well as various other Powerful people in the city.

With having a relationship with the head of every illegal item in the city, the business model was created.

Buy All, Cut The Resellers Out.

The young Morello Boys know they need help in growing their Organization, they began recruiting.

Eventually meeting
Vinny Vacintii, A young business minded individual;
Buss Banner, A strong Soldier.

Thus Creating, The Core of The Morello Family.


1. Associate - Associates are given tasks to prove they have the capability of being a Morello.
Such as selling a small quantity of drugs, or ammo.

2. Soldier - A Soldiers main task is to ensure petty money is flowing into The Family.
From robbing individuals to selling drugs, or ammo.

3. Capo - A Capos main goal is to find any potential buyer for any item in bulk.
Getting a feel for the Clients. As well as meeting Clients to make medium quantity transactions of illegal goods.
As well as competing in Family Events

4. Consigliere - A Consigliere Ensures that money is flowing from any deal a Capo makes. Helping them if needed.
As well as providing any help any higher up may need. As well as competing in Family Events

5. Made Man - A Made Mans task consists of finding sellers of illegal goods in the city, at good prices.
Beginning a relationship with them, ensuring a Capo has all needs met to complete their goals.
Setting up and executing Large Quantity Illegal Sales. As well as competing in Family Events.

6. Under Boss - An Under Boss serves as the Right and Left Hand to The Morello Family.
Finding potential business operations. Making sure a Made Mans deal is going smoothly.
Ensuring that money on a large scale is continuing to flow through to The Family.
As well as competing in Family Events.

7. Boss - The Boss of The Morello Family's job is to ensure EVERYONE in The Family is taken care of.
They oversee ALL transactions, from legal to illegal Business. Ensuring The Family has a stable connection to any illegal items in the city.
Managing all businesses under Families control. Ensuring EVERYONE has what is needed to complete their tasks safely.
Managing any and all Family Business. As well as competing in Family Events.


Boss - Cody Morello

Under Boss - Vicente Morello, Vinny Vacintii, Buss Morello, Wasabii Morello

Made Man - Josh Blaze.

Consigliere - Juan Morello, Carious Creep.

Capo - Yoki Morello, Jim Jones, Nikolla Feddes, Khaos Queen.

Soldier - Ikonic Morello.

Associate - "Classified"

Business Model

The Morello Family Business Model Consists of Buying Wholesale from drug, gun, and ammo suppliers.
Cutting out the middle man, and reselling at a good price.
Buying and Reselling homes.
Reselling Used Cars.
Robbing individuals out of the city.
Managing Family Businesses including import/exports.
Mass Production of all crops through Multiple Private Gardens.

Family Motto - Taking Money Is The Same As Making Money.
Family Color - Black/White
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