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May 7, 2021
Name: William Magadan

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Nationality: Lithuanian

Place of Birth: Lithuania, Vilnius

Residence: Los Santos, San Andreas, USA

Parents: Aaden Hasan, Calaso Hasan

Height: 5’11

Weight: 74kg

Body Type: Sporty, bulky muscles.

Eye Colour: Blue

Hair Colour: Black

Facial Hair: Goatte

Other Defining Features:

William Magadan was born in Lithuania. Both parents were immigrants from Somali. Aaden William’s father worked from 8am to 8pm worked in a factory. William’s mother died when William was 5 years old. William and his father lived in poverty. When William was 18 years old his father suffered a stroke and died. William managed to finish school with terrible grades. Because of his grades he couldn’t find a job and then he met Torpeda Magadan who invited him to join Magadan family.

When Torpeda joined National Guard, William joined too. William had prior weapon knowledge and knew how to use a variety of guns, so NG training wasn’t that hard for him. In NG he met Johnny and they became pretty good friends. When Johnny became SASD leader he invited William to join and William accepted the invitation. Due to harsh SASD training he became proficient with any gun and melee combat. Because of SASD training he became a cold-blooded killer and due to his knowledge of the streets, He could talk himself out of different situations involving gang members.

  • William is not afraid of fighting against more then 1 enemy due to his special training in SASD.
  • William will always have an NG vest and a weapon to protect himself.
  • William Is loyal to his family and his closest friends, He will never betray them and always help them out in different situations.
  • William will take different weapons from dead gang members to use these weapons against them because of his SASD training and street knowledge and experience, he is proficient with any gun.
  • William will risk his own life to save his family and closest friends.
  • William will risk his own life to save his organization members, due to his loyalty to organization that he is in.
  • William will always try to dip or talk himself out from a situation, due to his SASD and street knowledge, for example when gang members come over to his car and tell him to get out. Because of his training in SASD he can drive under extreme situations or he will try to talk himself out due to his knowledge of the streets.
  • William will not allow any civilian or his friend get bullied or robbed by gangs, will always try to protect defenceless people.

Zac Zero

May 26, 2021
From the Leader of the National Guard, all applications for in-game biographies within the organization is put to pause.
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