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May 8, 2021



The Shakur family, originating from Saudi Arabia and whose founding members were part of the OPEC obtained their wealth from the export and sale of oil and gasoline. Upon coming to the State of Los Santos, they invested their funds in the acquisition of key gas stations throughout the State as well as forging connections with the Mexican community through relations of the Memorandum of Understanding between Pemex and Saudi Aramco (2016).

Through their mutual interest in oil investments, agreements and alliances were forged between the Arab family and the Mexican community, they collectively named themselves The Saudi Royal and Jamal Shakur, the current head of the Shakur Family, nominated Pearson Herrera, to be the head of the new combined family.

Under Pearson’s guidance, business expanded beyond oil to include retail sales and with the Mexican family members having connections to the gangs of San Andreas, weapons trade began to be a lucrative business and Black Market dealings began to increase.


The day to day operations of The Saudi Royal are first and foremost to ensure the safety and lifestyle of its family members. The CEOs work together to maintain a steady stream of business and the soldiers protect those in the family that need it most. For the most part, The Saudi Royal family simply seeks a lavish and secure life in the State of Los Santos. Many members of The Saudi Royal work to help make the city a better place for all by helping to remove corrupt officials who abuse their power.

The Saudi Royal Predators are a separate confidential entity from the public family. The Predators subsidize the family’s business with Black Market goods and trade and facilitate negotiations with other criminal organizations. The Predators have their own confidential structure and chain of command.


What happens in the family, stays in the family. Rats will be exterminated.

Godfathers are to be obeyed and their word is final.

Disputes between family members must have approval from a Godfather.



Founder: Jamal Shakur

Current Family Leader: Pearson Herrera

: A leading figure of the family trusted to provide guidance to the rest of the family.

Advisors: Contracted to Moto LLC, Attorneys at Law for Legal Representation

Treasurer: Manages the family and organizations funds, approves loans to family and organization members

Commander: In charge of security, commands the soldiers

Professional soldier: Militarized individuals who provide protection and support, a quick response unit that fill all roles involving security or combat.

Predator: Members of the family that often have criminal affiliations.

CEO: Individual business owners who manage their own personal businesses

Family member: A member of the family that is not part of any personal businesses, often a normal citizen.


The First of the Family Battles


April brought to Los Santos the first ever Family Battle. Bullets rained down upon all the participants through heart racing and adrenaline filled fights.

The Saudi Royal braced themselves for combat. We knew our reputation was on the line. The Family Head and the Commander hand selected their best from among the soldiers and predators to participate and represent us in the several days of gunfights. Some families were known to us, others were a mystery until we faced them in battle.

On April 7, 2021, the final round took place against one of the most known families in the State. Our soldiers and predators prepared themselves for the fight and after what felt like ages, the announcement was made throughout the city.


To add to our elation, the delivery of over 20 new cars to the family house excited all and was a sight to be held.


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