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Players nickname
Suspect ID
Date of violation
Jun 26, 2021
Time of violation


Active Member
Leader of unofficial org
Jun 1, 2021
I want to make complaint about officer Lizi Georgian, because he did metagaming with using OOC chat to call for backup. Also, when he said im gonna be searching the truck, he just pressed g and search it, without any rp at all. He was supposed to rp of breaking the trunk and stuff like that. Furthermore he cuffed me without any rp, he just clicked X or Z (i am not sure of command letter) and cuffed me in just one click.

The whole sting operation was very unprofessional and without rp, with a big violation rule. That person was later banned from server because of violation of general rules 6.5, and FIB was disbanded.
I spoke with the other officer in the video “Nakoa” who agreed that everything was done unprofessional and with a lot of rule break violations.

After that situation, I announced on a loan chat on my family discord that I would leave the server for a while, because I was very disappointed with the way I lost everything I had been building for months. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/840693310418976799/858805530007699477/image0.png

Is there any chance I can get something in return because I lost $ 8 million worth of goods in that non rp operation. I worked for weeks and months to be able to afford it all, and to end up losing it all in just one click.

Melanie Vis

Jun 7, 2021
Upon reviewing the evidence, I have decided to Accept this report
  • ID 25473 will receive a punishment for FailRP
  • When cuffing and searching vehicles roleplay should always be acted out. You cannot cuff, search, etc without following appropriate actions.

    If you feel the punishment the administrator issued is incorrect, feel free to file a Punishment Appeal.
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