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Dave Godfrey

Jun 24, 2021
Name: Dave Mathers
Gender: Male
Age: 20
DOB: 12/08/2001
Nationality: Scottish
Sexuality: Straight
Place of Birth: Edinburgh, East Lothian
Residence: Los Santos, San Andreas
Parents: Alexander Riggotini, Sonia Winters (Murdered)
Height: 6'1
Weight: 188LBS
Body Type: Muscular
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Silver

Dave was born on December the 8th 2001 at 2:00 Am Saturday Morning, When he was born he took his fathers name. He grew up with the first 10 years of his life happily mother and father had a lot of work and business to take care of so Dave was alone most of the time but when the family was together they were happy. Dave Was a hard and good worker at school he passed all of his exams and tests because he was exceptionally smart, But due to his father being a trained fighter in multiple fighting technique's Dave was taught how to fight by one of the best fighters in the UK, Dave didn't get bullied at all until High School, High School was the worst years in Dave's Eyes But he had no idea what was about to happen on his 18th birthday, Dave got bullied all the way through high school being called a freak by everyone due to his unique abilities in sports and his fighting skills, But mainly due to his smarts. He was Called Countless Names But no one ever tried to fight them so they used words for years wearing down Dave's Sanity. Eventually Dave Snapped And fought every single one of them in hand to hand Combat. But then was later expelled due to the fighting, On the day of the expulsion Dave was scared for his life because he knew more about his father than his father thought Dave knew. When Dave got Home the House was empty not a sound in the house he tried to call his Mother and Father but. No reply Dave thought they had maybe gone out for work or for Food. But boy was Dave wrong, Dave then went into his Parents Room something Dave would never think of doing. But he hadn't heard from his Parents in 19 hours. he walked into they're room as he thought he heard a noise. He opened the door and his mother was just sitting there doing nothing... He Just stood there staring at her waiting for a reply even if it was "GET OUT" But yet she said nothing. So he asked where his father was and still no reply. Dave thought she was just mad and did not want to talk to him, until he went to sleep he woke up in the middle of the night sweating but cold and having a panic attack he thought it was because it was his birthday tomorrow and he managed to calm himself down thinking his parents wouldn't be mad at him anymore but he woke up the house was still empty and then he walked into his parents room again. His mother was still sitting there. Dave had tears coming from his eyes as he started to realise that his mother was dead. he got closer to make sure and all he heard was a really faint voice saying "it was your father get help or your next" , Dave Called the Police and explained everything his father became the most wanted man due to his relation with the murder of Dave's mother, Dave then got so angry his veins were popping and he couldn't think, Dave joined the cadets program for 6 months learned how to shoot a gun then he left the cadets but he did enjoy it he wanted to go to the military after he did what needed to be done at this point Dave had been diagnosed with "Intermittent Explosive Disorder" he bought a gun from the black market and set out on a hunt for his father, Dave found his father 2 months later in Mexico, Dealing Cocaine meth and Women anything you could smuggle in and out of Mexico also leaving the uk so he wasn't caught for the murder of Sonia Winters. Dave then disguised himself as "Lee Maker" and managed to get an interview with His father Alexander when he got to the table it was his father and his main men Total of 3 due to Dave's Amazing abilities and training with the cadets under his Staff Sargent Craig Ross, Dave was able to sneakily pull out his Desert Eagle .50 and shot all 3 men in the head and Jumped out the window then Dave fled to Los Santos, San Andreas, staring a new life at the age of 20. He started off staying at a hotel to calling taxi services to get him to work and back, Dave has always been a loyal guy and a very hard worker which after 9 years in the city Dave was working all day and all night at the farm doing his really hard work when 2 guys pulled up in a nice white Audi wearing Suits. He originally thought it was his fathers men coming after him but it wasn't, due to Dave being a hard worker These guys actually offered him a job good money for good work which Dave accepted but was originally going to join the Police force, Dave was happy enough working for these guys and then Dave Became so involved with these guys that Dave started doing lots of different work for them and he learned There names Brendan and Martin Mathers, He became good friends with the guys and it felt like a family he felt happy for the first time in almost 3 years but Dave still wants to join the police force as well as work for these guys eventually Dave became a Made Man, He was so thankful for the opportunity and will never betray the family as Dave loves those guys more than family. Dave then began doing more training with the Mathers Sharpening his skills with a gun and his reflexes, And that lead to more work opportunities within the family legal and not so legal work. Is on the table, But then Dave's little brother Curtis Winters came to Los Santos, which Dave thought was a bad thing but turns out Curtis was happy that Dave killed his father and Curtis came to reunite with his brother and start in the city working with or for Dave which then Dave introduced Curtis to the Mathers Family and they took him in too. Dave is now in a good place and is happy with being apart of the Mathers Family.

~ Dave Can take on a 1v3 Due to his intense gun training in the cadets as well as the family training.
~ Dave does not have to fear for his life due to seeing his mother being killed and loosing his humanity to then kill his own father.
~Dave Can work on the legal side of things but also do some work in the more illegal side of things due to being in the cadets wanting to join the police to protect people against thugs and also he can do illegal things too due to being in the mob.
~Dave can Kill for reasonings such as witnessing a murder due to killing his father for murder and being paid to do a hit on someone for pay as Dave has been trained with a gun
~Dave also has a body cam that when activated can record for 5 minutes due to him getting gifted one in the cadet force before leaving.

Nova Grey

May 7, 2021
I am going to Deny this report as the majority of your outcomes would break server rules. Please make another one with outcomes that dont go against rules and scripts.
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