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Approved Verbal Harassment, Bumping my vehicle, Fail Roleplay and Disconnecting to avoid arrest.

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Players nickname
Suspect ID
Date of violation
May 13, 2021
Time of violation

Shaun Stone

May 13, 2021
I attempt to apologize and drive away by saying it was an accident and that I was sorry but than he calls me a retard and thats what lights the situation on fire. I even tried to stop it all after he shot me and gave him multiple warnings. For the duration of the video he continues to harass me, shoot me, run me over, bump my car and overall just fail roleplay by not getting out of the vehicle when given lawful order with a rifle aiming at his head.

These kind of people ruin the game for others and make us not enjoy our time. I am a member that loves this community but we need to get rid of people like this because I lose interest in the game when this happens. I sometimes buy coins for lottery tickets and stuff and I enjoy supporting the server and helping people out as SAHP but he went over the line with the insults and all that.

I am normally a chill person and as you can see like to apologize and just keep the interactions short and sweet and I have refrained from reporting people before because I don't think all situations need to end with someone punished because I have tough skin but today I was already not in the mood and this just ruined my whole day. He's got enough rule breaks here to get banned for 60 days.

PS ( You may hear me say the word handy and than speak a foreign language but that was OOC with my brother in our own language and shouldn't be taken into context since it's clear my N muscle wasn't being pressed so I wasn't offending him but only speaking to my brother which his voice you will hear in the background calling my name out.)
Not open for further replies.
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