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Players nickname
Suspect ID
23905 23754
Date of violation
Jun 28, 2021
Time of violation
1:21 am


Jun 27, 2021
The video pretty much explains itself but just incase, here is written response on what happened.


I was playing as a Taxi driver heading out to a call for someone who was stranded out in the middle of the high-way. Upon arriving I get smacked into by a vehicle, which I'm assuming was an accident at first. However, moments later both vehicles continuously car ram me without actually saying anything in character. One of them even ends up running over my customer and then spinning back around to run him over again, effectively killing him. They then leave the scene, I'm assuming after they realized they just DMed someone. The poor guy they DMed logged out which is completely understandable. I opened a report however the admin in game informed me that I needed to make a formal forum report due to the fact that this situation required evidence.

Sorry for the choppy audio I don't know why my recording software does that. I think it has something to do with my headset.
View on youtube website for full quality!
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Melanie Vis

Jun 7, 2021
Upon reviewing the evidence, I have decided to Accept this report
  • ID 23905 and ID 23754 will receive a punishment for VDM and CR.
  • It is evident that in this footage, both players were intentionally trying to hit other players and vehicles with their cars. It is forbidden to car ram and DM with vehicles.

    If you feel the punishment the administrator issued is incorrect, feel free to file a Punishment Appeal.
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