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Rejected Ninth Street Unofficial Organization application

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Israel NinthStreet

Big Man - Israel NinthStreet
Jun 5, 2021
NinthStreet family is mainly focused on money rolling in and a constant supply of the best weapons in town. The work we are mainly interested in is contract killing, taking over illegal businesses, loan sharking, and raiding of richer families. In 1994 Israel Ninth-Street moved to Los Santos due to the fall of his family in London with the Murder of his father and mother. He is on the Los Santos radar and is not going to leave until everyone knows and fears the soon to be Ninth Street unofficial Mafia Syndicate.

Some know and some speculate how NinthStreet Family is so well funded but the true reason is his inherited oil rig business from his deceased father in the Azerbaijani city of Baku.

Those who would chose the life of dedication and respect in the NinthStreet Mafia Family always know that they will be heavily rewarded for their loyalty and will swiftly move up the ranks as they get noticed more by the ruling Godfather.

- Respect higher ranks, no exceptions.
- Always be brave and spread the word of NinthStreet all around the world.
- Do whatever you are told
- Never break the vow you will take when moving up from an associate to a soldier
- risk your life to help those who are endangered even if they are from a different family.
- Never look into the godfathers eyes
- Only reveal your true identity with those who are in NinthStreet.

- Protect the Godfather and his Underbosses with your life in any situation

Ranking system:











The role of NinthStreet if they become an unofficial organisation is to take from the corrupted and help those in need of assistance and protection in the dangerous city of Los Santos. It also is to weaponize legal and illegal organisations so that they can fight their best and the cities citizens always has something to use in self defence and to help the family grow, the underground world to expand and to lastly assist the city in swiftly growing.

Biography (it is extra info)

Israel Ninth-Street is a very determined character who dedicated himself to protect his fathers notoriety when recently becoming The Godfather of Ninth-Street Mafia. This character only thinks about his loyal associates and does not are what anyone thinks who is not part of Ninth-Street. He will always back his associates and in any situation protect them with all he has.

Growing up the son of a Godfather of a large Mafia Syndicate he was constantly being kidnapped and being used as a hostage. He chose a life of crime from a young age and was a skilled fighter from birth. At the young age of five he used to wrestle with Russian bears in his free time. He grew up in the UK but then moved to Los Santos at the age of 24 so that he could expand his fathers Mafia and gain respect in the Ninth-Street world.

When he moved to Los Santos he was scolded by all of his family and especially his fathers friends who lived in the city of Los Santos filled with crime and mischief. When he expanded his fathers Mafia in Los Santos he decided that he would only target those who were corrupt and those who killed the innocent, this was a very smart move which made him to be seen as a hero only stealing from the corrupted and giving to the poor. He wanted to spread his word all around the world. When his younger brothers Will and Fraggz heard about his success in Los Santos they quickly moved there to help him and spread his good deeds across the city.

When Israel's father heard about his other two sons moving into the dangerous city of Los Santos he had a sudden heart attack leading to him officially becoming The Godfather and his two younger brothers becoming the Under bosses. He then had to take the vow to never take of the family mask in public and follow his ancestors tradition. Him becoming Godfather had a big effect and the mafia grew at incredible rates even spreading in other countries, Ninth-Street was the newly emerging mafia. Small in numbers him and his skilled fighters battled with other Mafias and swiftly started raiding houses, Drug Labs and even stores. And here he is today asking from unofficial organisation from the Gods of Los Santos.


Sam Pluxury

Deputy Chief Administrator
Deputy Chief Administrator
May 7, 2021

I accept your unofficial ORG bio but i don't accept the contract killing because it breaks the server rule - DM = death match,
so other than that everything is good.
send me your discord name and tag (example#0000) and family house number
enjoy and don't break any server rules and don't go aganist the server scripts.
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