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May 8, 2021
Gender: Male
Age: 33
Date of birth: 09/11/1988
Nationality: Filipino
Place of Birth: Philippines
Residence: USA, Los Santos City, San Andreas / PHP, Luzon, Manila City
Parents: Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Height and weight: 5'10 / 185
Body Type: Fit
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Blue
Facial hair: None
Citizenship: American / Filipino
Personality: Chill, friendly, ambitious, and goofy
Hobbies: Basketball, Racing , Shooting, Drug dealing, and Smuggling weapons
Knowledge of languages: English and Tagalog

Papa Jah was born in Philippines where he grew up as an orphan. Eventually Papa Jah moved to Los Santos where he went to school and graduated with a degree. Papa Jah started to sell drugs in the streets of Los Santos, got his street creds up and start smuggling weapons in the city as a side hustle while he works for the Government as a Deputy Governor. Papa Jah made millions of dollars just by selling drugs and Weapons to the people of Los Santos. Papa Jah started as a Secret Service back then and worked his way up to become the Deputy Governor. His time being in the Secret Service gave him the skill of being one of the most accurate shooter and were the number 1 picked Secret Service to protect the Governor just by himself! Papa Jah went through hell of a training to become of the best shooter in the nation. People fears when he walks around the city because they know how dangerous Papa Jah is! Jah has been doing a good job lately becoming the Deputy Governor. Always keeping the capitol in shape, tries to attend meetings with the governor and help other people that needed assistance. Papa Jah still remains undercover to where he sells drugs and smuggle weapon to other people as he wants to make more money than just the state salary that he is getting working as a Deputy Governor.

Papa Jah will always be a corrupt state organization worker as all he cares about is his money and his power. Jah will always be for the people because Jah grew up a very chill man and likes to conversate with people that he likes.


1: Being Able to fight 3 people at once given the combat skills gained from Secret Service training and weapon training by himself on his free time
2: Can be corrupt and break laws to serve his personal agenda
3: In extreme emergency situations where Jah runs out of ammo, he can pickup a weapon and ammo and use it to shoot back at the enemies

Sam Pluxury

Deputy Chief Administrator
Deputy Chief Administrator
May 7, 2021
BIO disabled not in any ORG anymore
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