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Ethan Yeager
May 7, 2021
Name: Ethan Reacher
Gender: Male
Age: 21
DOB: 19/03/1999
Nationality: British
Sexuality: Straight
Place Of Birth: London, England
Residence: Los Santos, San Andreas
Parents: Joseph Shaw (Deceased), Rose Shaw (Deceased)
Height: 6'1
Weight: 170LBS
Bodytype: Athletic
Eye Color: brown

Hair Color: Black

Ethan Reacher is from a small town on the outskirts of London and grew up as a only child and his parents had a average/stable income. From a young age his parents taught him how to handle firearms at their private land and advanced combat. On Ethan's 13s birthday they where going out for the day and they stopped at a gas station in order to fill up their fuel tank. A unmarked stolen vehicle pulled up at the gas station, rolled down their windows and attempted to start robbing my parents. Due to Ethan's instincts and what he was taught he hid and ducked down from the car window in the back seat. From what Ethan heard there was a altercation and 5 shots. Ethan looked back up and due to the blackout windows he saw the 4 men with distinct tattoos on their arms all from the same group/organisation. He then waited for the vehicle to leave. He stepped out of the car and keeled in front of his parents with blood puddles beneath them. Ethan ran off and went low on the radar with a few of his parents very close friends helping him. 8 years later: Since that day Ethan has been training enhancing his combat and weapon skills and working his way around groups looking for any trace of the people who killed his parents. He has followed a lead to Los Santos and has made many connections throughout the city helping him come closer to finding his parents killers.


-Ethan can pull out a gun at a 1vs3 with guns pointed at him due to his combat training since he was young
-Ethan can pick up guns mid fight in order to obtain ammo and weapons to benefit him in the fight when necessary
-Ethan Has glasses that record footage and upload the video to the cloud constantly
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