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Rejected D'Angelo Green Deputy Chief / In the running for Chief

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Dangelo Green

Jun 30, 2021
Name: D'Angelo Green
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Date of Birth: 11/30/1999
Nationality: Italian
Sex: Straight
Personality: Strategic, Calm, Intelligent, Brave, Gun Lover
Place of Birth: United States
Residence: Classified
Parents: Unknown / Gave up at birth
Height: 5"8
Weight: 150lbs
Body Type: Athletic
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black

D'Angelo was born in a very small town in Maryland, USA. His father Moe Lester was actually a molester and his mother was a part-time nurse. He and his family always struggled with money as Marie his mother was the only source of income while his dad was an abusive alcoholic. His childhood was very rough as he grew up since there was abuse nearly every day and constant arguments between his parents. There was not a single time D'Angelo saw his mother without any bruises or clogged blood marks. His mother wasn’t the only person being abused, he was also a part of it. His father tried to drown and kill him one time when they went fishing but was unsuccessful because D'Angelo was stronger than him at that time, so he escaped from him. This motivated him to work out secretly every day so he could overcome his father and stop the abuse once and for all. D'Angelo was always smart from birth but due to lack of money he couldn’t go to school but he still didn’t give up on his passion to be part of a Police Department. He used free resources to make himself more intelligent and got a scholarship to Naval Academy. This got his father Moe really angry since he never wanted anything good for D'Angelo or Marie, so one night Moe tied up Marie and raped her which caused her to bleed out and die. This was it for D'Angelo because the only person he loved the most was his mother and after he witnessed this whole situation he took a stand for himself. Moe went to D'Angelo and started to hit him but D'Angelo was way too strong for him so as self-defence D'Angelo knocked his father out, but his father died because he was too weak. D'Angelo went to court and was judged as not guilty as it was self-defense. D'Angelo took a break then he became a soldier for Naval Academy where he got a master’s degree in Criminology while being the best soldier in his regiment. His combat skills were in the top 5% and his grades were in the top 0.10%. A few years later he quit the army and to run away from the terrifying childhood memories he moved to Los Santos. Where he worked his way up in the Police Department and became the leader of S.W.A.T. Now he found a new love of his life, his wife and the now trying to live happily ever after with her till death do them apart.

-D'Angelo would be able to combat 3v1 in conditions where he would have an advantage because of his experience in the army and in S.W.A.T.
-D'Angelo wears glasses that record footage and uploads the video to the cloud constantly because he knows about the injustice that is happening with the prior -knowledge when he got a master’s degree in criminology.
-D'Angelo can disguise with a mask to prevent his identity from being leaked since he is constantly part of undisclosed missions from his job.
-D'Angelo will be able to take bribery since he was never rich or even middle class growing up.
-D'Angelo would be able to sell the guns he picked up from the fights to make extra cash on the side since he was very poor and always was.
-D'Angelo will never do anything illegal or unlawful when he is with his co-workers but he would be able to if alone, if his post anger takes over.
-D'Angelo will be able to take unlawful actions if someone disrespects his loved ones because he hated when his lovely mother was abused growing up
-D'Angelo will be able to steal guns from the evidence room to cover up his unlawful tracks so he won’t be caught.
-D'Angelo will always keep his revolver on him and use it whenever his life is in danger.
-D'Angelo can use physical force on suspects in the interrogation room due to his anger but with his high position in LSPD no one will tell him other wise. (Makes for good RP)


Bio will be canceled if I get chief.
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Sam Pluxury

Deputy Chief Administrator
Deputy Chief Administrator
May 7, 2021
BIO disabled because he is the leader of LSPD now
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