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IMPORTANT Election Rules

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Curator of the project
Curator of the project
Apr 28, 2021

1) Everyone can create a party to participate in the elections.
2) A leader of a party becomes the new governor.
3) The party has to contain minimum of 20 members and has to be unique.
4) Every party must have an election program which has to be according to the rules of server.
The rules for election campaign.
1) Election is completely IC process. Usage of any OOC is forbidden.
2) You cannot advertise your party through department, state wave, radios. (-20 votes)
3) You cannot advertise a party in the radios of jobs (truck, taxi driver, etc) (-10 votes)
4) The day before the elections there will be a day for debates where all candidates must participate. (The candidates who do not participate in debates will be eliminated from elections)
5) On debates each candidate has 10 minutes for first speech to present his election program.
6) Each candidate can ask up to 5 questions to his opponent.
7) Each candidate can receive 5 questions from citizens.
8) A leader of the party of the party must have a clean record. (No warnings)
9) After the application for a party has been accepted there will be interview process with the administration.
10) After the debates next day there will be elections.
11) You can advertise your party through creating your own events and doing broadcasts in LifeInvader only. (-20 votes).
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