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Skies Wayne

May 7, 2021
Name: Skies Killa
Gender: male
DOB: 5/17/2000
Nationality: American
Sex: Straight
Place of Birth: West Virginia
Residence: Los Santos, Vespucci
Parents ,Mother: Bartholomew Albuquerque Killa, Father: Urmother Killa
Height: 5'11
Weight: 160 lb
Body type: Muscular
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Light Black and Blonde

Skies was born in a small town in West Virginia Danville. along with his brother Mark Wayne his father Urmother, and his mother Bartholomew. The two siblings had a tough childhood growing up due to there father being a raging alcoholic that slinged coke on the streets and their mother being a waitress at a restaurant. The two brothers struggled the first 13 years of their life eating only a meal a day, Then one they though that this life style had to end. The two parents saved up money for weeks and months to be able to afford a one way flight to Los Santos for the whole family. upon arrival the two brothers rented two bikes from one of their dads partners and drove up to Grove street, Which at the time was the head quarters for one of the toughest gangs in Los Santos, The Ballas gang. The two rode up to the head quarters and were met by two masked people in clothing that was mostly made out of the color purple. At the time they knew that going there was a bad idea and if they were mistaken for someone or met by a less accepting group this could be their last moments, The people looked into the distance cause they weren't expecting any guests. The two young brothers greeted the two men and told them there names. The two brothers explained the men there horrible situation at home and were wondering if they could try out/join the gang. The two men debated about it in private and thought that I was foolish to accept some one of such age. The debate ended well for the brothers and from that point on they were recruits for The Ballas Street Gang. The two brothers sat talked and met the rest of the members and were positively surprised of how accepting the people were despite of their age. The brothers hadn't came back home for almost a week so the mother decided to call the police and make a missing report. The police searched for the two boys for weeks and couldn't find them. While the police were trying to find the two the boys were at Grove Street learning criminology and the ways of the gang member. How to steal, Rob , Hack etc. The last thing the police had a trace of was the money the boys had given the drug dealer, The only possibility left was that the boys were dead waiting to be found. One day when the police was responding to a serious gang war and shootout, The LSPD ended up interfering and winning the shootout and were taking people into custody, but there was one thing they found odd, That two of the suspects were below 5'5 and had a very slim body shape. The officers took both of the boys on the hood of their cruisers and took off their masks. And were extremely surprised when they saw that it was the two missing boys that were never found. The boys were driven home to assure their safety to the parents before being filed and take down to juvenile detention. In prison the boys met a middle aged man named Thomas that was in for car theft. There the boys were taught how to pickpocket. The boys were released on bail by the father and were taken home. At home they learned the truth why they were never visited in juvi by the parents, one day Urmother got angry due to the mother not having money for alcohol and he then sexually harassed her leading her to dying from serious brain trauma in the process. The boys couldn't process this fact because their loving mother was the only person that truly loved. The boys left the house with nothing more then 10 dollars each in their pockets, They came back to Grove street and broke down in tears seeing that the entire street was ruined and broken down. The brothers had two choices: join a organization or continue the criminal life. They chose the organization option. The brothers changed their last names to wipe out their criminal records to be able to join the department. Their new names were the Wayne's and were met by a gentlemen named Richard Steele down at the Police station they again explained their back story and were invited to the Department. Fast forward a few years the brothers are growing sick of the department and are at the verge of going back to the old life style.

-Skies is able to fight in 3v1 situations due to his hundreds of hours with guns in the LSPD and the Ballas Gang
-Skies Wears glasses that are recording at all times, keep in mind these glasses can be taken off or turned off at all times.
-Skies is able to pick up guns from the downed suspects to later sell them.
-Skies will never commit any crime or illegal activity with his co-workers and colleges due to him greatly fearing to lose his position in his organization, This is depending on which worker he is with and if he trusts them.
-Skies has connections from multiple people in high command in different gangs around the city.
-Skies is able to pickup ammunition mid fight to assure his safety.
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Sam Pluxury

Deputy Chief Administrator
Deputy Chief Administrator
May 7, 2021
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