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May 8, 2021
Name: Nicky Akuma (451)
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Date of birth: 10/13/1986
Nationality: American/Japanese
Place of Birth. Tokyo, Japan
Residence: Los Santos City, San Andreas
Parents: Father: Unknown
Height and weight: 220 lbs
Body Type: Masculine
Eye color: Dark Brown
Hair color: Dark Brown

Nicky Akuma, was born by American immigrants in Japan. His father was a member of the Public Security Intelligence Agency of Japan and was the Lead Investigator of the Yakuza Crime Family. At the age of 5, his parents fell victim to Robbery/Homicide, conducted by the Yakuza Syndicate, Sumiyoshi-Kai. During the incident, he tried to fight off the invaders, with no prevail. The clan spared his life and instead took him to the Clans Leader, the Oyabun. The Oyabun made the decision, instead of killing Nicky, he would have him trained and molded to the ways of the Yakuza. Nicky quickly climbed in rank, surpassing all of the other orphan Japanese children, who suffered the same fate as him. His brutal tactics and savagery, earned him the name "Akuma". "Akuma" translated to the English language means "Demon" or "Fire Spirit". Throughout Nicky's life, he always knew that in the back of his mind, all the horrible things he did, by the will of the Clan, was wrong. He acted out of survival. Failing a mission or task, would ultimately be punished by severe beatings or even death. When he turned 19, he devised a plan to flee from the Clan, but not before he punished those that stole his family and life from him. He grew close to the Leader of the clan, even trusted by him. During a celebration, after the capture of a Weapons Shipment, from the Japanese Government, Nicky poured 5 Sake shots for the Leader and 4 of the Clans highest ranking Lieutenants. Unknown to the men, he had put powdered glass and 3 drops of Tetrodotoxin. Tetrodotoxin, was harvested from Liver of a Puffer Fish, native to Japan. The mixture of the glass and poison, left the 5 men paralyzed with intense internal bleeding, they would be dead in minutes. Nicky fled the country and flew to San Andreas, as city where he knew he could start a new life and leave his past behind him. With the men that killed his family gone, he could now focus on making sure that, the things that happened to him, didn't happen to other children, the best place he could do this was with Law Enforcement. He had an inside contact from the FIB, who knew Nicky would be the perfect fit for the Agency. Now, after 15 years with the FIB, he has become one of the top ranking Agents. The life of a criminal/assassin, has molded him to know and see things that others may not.


Positives- He has the street knowledge to understand how Gang and Crime Families operate and conduct themselves.
He can fight multiple people in close quarter combat and in a fire fight.
He has the will and patients to wait for a calculated time to strike, or plan for a precise attack.
He can use unorthodox tactics during interrogations and/or torture to get the information he needs.
He can break certain procedures, using extreme force towards criminals.
He can pick up ammo during a gun fight.

Negatives- His anger from losing his family sometimes makes his decision making obscured.
He suffers from PSTD from the brutal missions and beatings he endured during his time with the Yakuza.
He can sometimes be understanding towards criminals raised in the life of crime.
He can never join a street gang again, this is something he would never put himself through.
He will never take bribes.
He will not do drugs as this was never a part of his life.
He does not commit crimes towards non gang members.
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Lebron Pluxury

Gang Unit
Chief Administrator
Apr 30, 2021
I allow everything apart from you not being able to join crime organisations and the fact that you can pick up a weapon during a gun fight.
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