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Players nickname
steve austinn
Administrators nickname
sam leblanc
Jul 5, 2021
for now i dont have any povs


Jun 19, 2021
i am really tired of many admins on this server
and i know no action will be taken on this but then too i hope i will get justice because i believe in some admins

because of this admins we are like 200 people who are daily active in city and many of them are big streamers are going to leave this city because of such admins who never help instead of helping they abuse us they use their power and bully us they mute us demorgan us without valid reason we are feeling really bad on this server we already face lot of racism here on top of that admins also dont help us when we ask for help we get a really bad reply from admins
last time i got a warning i was rejected it was okay if it was my mistake
i asked sam leblanc that cant a normal civilian go to beach market because it is in ghetto he replied me in a very harsh way and in a really bad intention
he said
you fcking people should not go to beach market yess a normal fcking civilian should not go from a ghetto to beach market i was new to city i thought he would help me but he abused me
and this time also like i was inside clothing store near city
like i get a good discount so went there i was inside store and when i was done with shopping i just stepped out and i saw 2 purple cars roaming on the street and they were pretty far away from and i was not even getting shot or chased by them and after that he made a thread running into green zone
this one and this was approved by admin without even watching it properly straight away demorgned me and gave me a warning
how will people do rp on this server if this is happening here

Sam Pluxury

Deputy Chief Administrator
Deputy Chief Administrator
May 7, 2021

Please provide the pov of me talking with abusive words to you i would like to see that because i think you are accusing me of what i have not done and the second one, the running into the greenzone one that was also rechecked when you appealed for your warning but it was also rejected, so unless you have pov of it please do not accuse anyone, we don't just give punishment like that we see the evidence provided then we give out punishment.

Alex Odd

Deputy Chief Administrator
Deputy Chief Administrator
Apr 28, 2021
Admin made everything according to rules
Accusing of admin without proves can be punished by rules 5.2 and 5.3 so next time before making of such accusation prepare video
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