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Rejected Bairro Da Argentina - Family and Unofficial Organization

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Jun 28, 2021
BairroDaArgentina family comes from a small touristic island on the Atlantic Ocean, Madeira Island. Given the scope of the island itself , we started small. At first , we were some errand boys , doing small robberies on the naive tourists. As time passed we would set up Touristic shops, selling overpriced items that were directed at the tourists.

But eventually we grew bored of this way of life , so we wanted something bigger , something more exciting , something a little bit more dangerous.

That's when we dabbled on the drug market. At first in our neighborhood we were still the only group that stayed relatively legal, but we partnered up with a smaller group that was struggling with their lack of contacts , and offered them ours , and in exchange we would rule over them. This was the start of our sucessess.

The progress on the island was slow , it was behind in terms of technology , so we had to innovate ,we had to make sure we would thrive in this enviroment. So we began importing parts from Los Santos.
After a while we began having trouble with the law . We were growing big , and fast. We were already on the radar , so we had to protect ourselves. We took advantage of our contacts in Los Santos , to buy them guns and kevlars. The law couldn't keep up . We were already too big for this small island , that's when we decided that we needed a change in scenary. We wanted to compete with the big dogs, we wanted to push our limits , we wanted to make things even bigger, and this is how our life in Los Santos began.

- Julian Godking.

Underboss- Chazuka Takuna , Alphonse Caponne.

Capo - Diogo Croco, Pedro Garanito.

Soldier - Babe Soraia, Samuel Massas.

As the GodFather , his presence in the family is absolute , his decision final, he is the one that oversees everything , but he also the one that provides everything , to make sure that the family businesses run smooth without any problems , any problems the family has , he is the first person to know.

Underbosses work as the advisors of the GodFather . After all we are all humans, we make mistakes , we make lapses of judgment , and we need someone to correct our course in those times , the underbosses work like that, the people behind the greatest light, being his shadow.

The Capos are the regional leaders that are appointed by the godfather itself, they are obliged to make weekly reports to the godfather on the situations that are happening in their turf. They are also the ones that start raids , robberies , and murders, but all with the GodFathers permission.

Soldiers are the personnel that sell drugs , sell weapons , and the pawns that are used to defend the territory on the wars againts other orgs and families.

Business Model:

Even though we changed places, we are still stuck with the classics.
Our family still relies on the robberies that we do . On our shops , we still sell overpriced items.
But, moving to Los Santos , we now plant , nourish and sell our own plantations , be it exotic fruits or drugs. And we are also involved in the manufacturing and selling weapon parts , completed weapons and their ammunition.

Family Colours - Blue and Yellow , because it represents the colours of the flag of our Island.
Family Motto - You only fail when you stop trying.

Sam Pluxury

Deputy Chief Administrator
Deputy Chief Administrator
May 7, 2021

Your unofficial org bio has already been rejected so apply again after 1 week
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