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May 8, 2021
Name: Sheamus McConally
Gender: Male
Age: 27
DOB: 04/01/1994
Nationality: Irish
Sex: Straight
Place of Birth: Belfast Ireland
Residence: Los Santos, Vespucci
parents: Both unknown
Height: 6'2
Weight: 184lbs
Body Type: broad shoulders and stocky
Eye Colour: Deep Blue
hair Colour: Brown
Sheamus was born next to a shady pub in Ireland in a small alleyway. Soon after he was given up for adoption as a child by his ruthless mother. Sheamus' Parents were local deadbeats around the small city and well known, he would never get the chance to meet them as they ran off at the birth of Sheamus but he would hear the ruthless and relentless stories about them and their past. He would have been given to a foster care agency and bounced around multiple foster homes in Ireland until the age of 16. As a sign of respect to his street gang he got branded with a hot iron upon his face, it would be a ace logo. He never had any role models and only focused on himself during his rough upbringing. He would fall into the wrong crowd and get in with a rough street gang in Ireland, selling countless drugs and the occasional robbery. One day him and his gang would be waiting in a small alleyway no wider than 2 feet. Around 20 young lads deep awaiting for an unknowing victim for their next target. A man approached them holding a shopping bag and he looked around the age of 35 just walking home from work. Sheamus approached him and slapped his bag out of his hand and the gang surrounded him. Sheamus would open his mouth and put on a deep voice and say "Money or get shanked". As soon as Sheamus said that faint sounds of sirens would announce themselves in the distance and the rest of the gang scattered like Ferrell animals. The man grabbed Sheamus by the collar of his t-shirt and grabbed his arm.

The Police would shortly arrive and handcuff Sheamus taking him to the local station for questioning. Shortly after they arrived at the station and cuffed Sheamus to a chair in the interrogation room. He was waiting nervously and sweat would be dripping down his face in fear of what would happen next.
Sheamus would soon be let out on a plea deal and then taken to North Wales to go live with his new foster family. The family would be very strict and have a long line of soldiers in their legacy. Over time they persuaded a young Sheamus to apply for the British Army. He would get accepted into it and go through tough and painful training for the next year of his life. He got into the 2 Parachute Regiment and went through severely hard training in combat skills, weapon skills, disguise skills, and persuasion techniques. He would spend the next 6 years of his life in the British Army in the parachute regiment and be point man on his tours to Iraq and see some horrible gruesome stuff. Sheamus would overtime create some anger issues where if he gets severely angry he would just snap into kill mode or if he seen that his career was in jeopardy. He came out of the British Army and moved to the USA specifically Los Santos. He became good friends with the Deputy Governor and slowly worked his way up the ranks to the position he is in today.

1. Sheamus would be about to pull out a gun in a 1v3 situation because of his army training
2. He would have a branding on his face of a ace logo
3. He would be very quick witted and knowledgeable about his surrounding areas
4. He would be able to sell ORG weapons to earn money because of his past
5. He would be able to serve justice more brutally if the situation is necessary
6. He would be very close knitted with the Gangs of LS because of his past and reputation
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Sam Pluxury

Deputy Chief Administrator
Deputy Chief Administrator
May 7, 2021
BIO disabled as you are in FIB and leader has not given any permission for you bio
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