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DevontƩ Krown

Jun 28, 2021
Name: Devonte KrownSr 4606
Gender: Male
Age: 32
DOB: 05/28/1989
Nationality: Trinidadian
Place of Birth: Trinidad and TobagošŸ‡¹šŸ‡¹
Hometown: Gran Couva
Parents: Gilfrid Krown, Katey Krown (Adopted)
Height: 6'1
Weight: 85 kg
Eye color: Brown
Skintone: Brown

Bio: Devonte KrownSr was born in Trinidad where he was exposed to abuse and violence. His father was never around and his mother will be working to provide for him and his brother Frank Krown. While his mother was at work Devonte KrownSr will be out on the streets selling drugs and holding illegal weapons in the house to bring in extra revenue. As Devonte KrownSr turned 16 his mother passed away from stress and illnesses, therefore he was stranded with his brother helpless. We were both send to an orphanage hoping for a better life, as months goes by there was a married couple who walked passed by and spotted us and asked to adopt us. That's when my new life had come together.

We moved to Los Santos, Sand Andreas, three months after our adoption, I was at age 18 where my dad Gilfrid Krown and Katey Krown served at the National Guard as a Captain and Corporal which was highly spoken about. My dad will give me training every day as he told me he is going to get me in the NG, I was highly skilled on how to use weapons properly and combat tactics. Few months down I applied for NG and was accepted, while serving months in the NG I was called in the General's Office by the past General (Evangelia Papkosta), as she said "Your work rate, tactical movement and your ability in the battlefield, I observed your actions and you are going to placed in the SASD (Special Air and Sea Division)". I and some of my comrades where trained how to use special weapons which were ONLY USED by the SASD. The SASD are made up of the strongest group of people who have the ability to react and respond immediately to any dangerous situations under any circumstances. WE ARE ALWAYS AT THE FRONTLINE IN ANY MASSIVE COMBAT SITUAIONS AND ALWAYS PROVIDE STUPENDOUS ASSISTANCE for the entire city and OTHER STATE ORGANIZATIONS.

Devonte KrownSr is not afraid to enter combat with multiple enemies by himself, his training from his father led him to be capable of fighting 3-4 people.
As a Specialist rank in the NG, he will have an NG vest on him at all times and a weapon available to respond to any illegal activities and for self protection use.
3. Devonte KrownSr will risk his own life for his family and his NG members.
4. Devonte KrownSr will throw talk to anyone who disrespects him and when being robbed.
5. Due to Devonte's combat skills he will also use physical defense if needed.
6. As in a state org. Devonte WILL follow all laws but use FULL POWER unless is protection for others and himself.
7. Devonte WILL NOT ALLOW any citizen to be oppressed and jumped by anyone or gangs, he will use all his might to save them.
8. Devonte KrownSr will always be loyal and stay truth to the NG and betrayal is STRICYLY
9. Devonte KrownSr will NOT give away any classified information to anyone in anyway means under any situation.
10. Devonte KrownSr will NEVER sell or hand out any NG warehouse items to any UNAUTHORIZED personal other than in the NG organization, Also he would NOT take NG items for his personal finances and well-being.

Zac Zero

May 26, 2021
From the Leader of the National Guard, all applications for in-game biographies within the organization is put to pause.
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