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Jun 26, 2021
Name: Arsenik DumontPapakosta
Age: 19
Parents: (DeAndre Dumont (dead), EVA Papakosta) (adopted)

Height: 5'11
Weight: 80kg
Method of identification: Huge cross tattoo on torso

Arsenik's real parents died a few weeks after he was born, He was passed around by hospitals and foster homes till the age of six. Even at that age Arsenik had no clue about where he was situated and had no exposure to education. When Arsenik was 7 he woke up on a huge cargo ship with hundreds of other kids, turns out the foster home he was living with had sold all the kids to the underground black market. Arsenik then arrived at the port of Djibouti where the the human traffickers sorted all the kids into 2 different groups, the strong ones were sent to work for factories in shady regions and the more sensitive ones were sold as slaves, the ones that had ailments or illnesses were thrown from the ship in front of everyone to ensure that nobody would double cross them.

Arsenik was sent to Iraq to help a terrorist organization with their fire arms there he learnt how guns worked and learnt how to fix them. Arsenik was always curious about the world around him so in his free time Arsenik learnt how to read and write with the help of the local teachers that lived near the village where the terrorist org was situated at. Arsenik quickly learnt the mechanics of how the guns worked.

When Arsenik was 15 he was recruited to fight in the terrorist war , but something else caught his eye. He always fixed the sniper rifles but never got to shoot one. so he would sneak out in the night to practice the mechanics of the sniper rifle. Arsenik was very patient through out his childhood which would make him a perfect sniper for the force, but after all he did belong to a organization that didn't encourage liberty and was thus rejected to become a sniper and was put into solitary for 90 days. After this incident Arsenik decided to escape and flee from there. he got onto another boat carrying illegal goods without knowing where he was going. he finally ended up in Thailand where he lived on the streets and did odd jobs to make some money.

When Arsenik was 16 he attended the worlds biggest illegal car and car parts show in Thailand where he instantly fell in love with the mechanics and functioning of some of the cars that were present there. Arsenik then started working in a illegal car modification shop where he learnt a lot about vehicles and especially illegally modded armored ones, he learnt how to service and maintain the quality to ensure the vehicles were working as intended.

By the time Arsenik was 18 he left Thailand illegally through a car shipment to the USA because he too wanted to live the 'American Dream' as he read in the magazines. He wanted to start up his own chip tuning shop and live the american dream. But as he arrived in Los santos it was nothing like he expected America to be. 15 minutes into landing in the city Arsenik was robbed of all his money.

Now Arsenik was back to stage one and was not ready to go through the struggle again and was about to kill himself until he saw a squadron of NG helicopters fly to the direction of the battleship in a perfect and uniform motion. He then decided to help promote peace in the city by destroying all crime and acts of terrorism, the way to do that was through NG.

Arsenik then joined NG and NG gave him the family and friends he never experienced in 19 years of his labor life. The ex-general of NG 'Eva Papakosta' and her Late husband 'DeAndre Dumont' took in Arsenik as their Foster son. At that moment Arsenik had never felt happier in any other moment in his life and was glad to have such wonderful parents.

Arsenik is now a sergeant at NG and looks to grow his skills and hone his driving precision while climbing the ranks of NG. He is also learning under NG's best Pilot 'Lewis Mcdougal' to become an exceptional pilot just like him and help rescue civilians from uncomfortable situations.


- Arsenik is well versed on the physics of the sniper rifle and knows the basis of properly operating it
- Arsenik has a responsibility to take care of all NG vehicles so he will always have repair kits with him and can use (non armored) NG vehicles in the city because he is constantly working on improving their state after taking damage and constantly trying to improve the features of the vehicles, This also requires Arsenik can wear NG uniform (non-camo and non officer clothes) outside FZ
- Arsenik has nothing to live for other than NG so if there comes a situation where the stakes of NG members are on the table he will gladly kill himself so his comrades have another day to live.
- NG has given Arsenik a family that he never had throughout his life so he will be the most loyal to NG in all situations good or bad and will never submit to crime if directed against NG

Zac Zero

May 26, 2021
From the Leader of the National Guard, all applications for in-game biographies within the organization is put to pause.
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