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Approved General Rules 6.14, 3.1 & Toxicity | Tee Baker/TashaKing

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Players nickname
Gallo Dejigalo
Suspect ID
Date of violation
Jul 8, 2021
Time of violation


May 7, 2021
general rule 6.14 It is prohibited to move IC situations to OOC( e.g Insulting someone in Discord Chat relating to an IC situation).
Tee Baker can be seen coming into our discord provoking because at the 24 hour freeze he/she thought Ross only recruited playboy. The reality of that
was that Ross recruited people with a lot of experience, not just playboy (Mike West isn't playboy and neither is Cartier Wyatt yet they are HC). 90% of people in playboy have been on the legal side of things more than gangs, with some being high command in LSPD (Which is the reason Ross asked them to help him run FIB). Recruitment is an IC thing with there being interviews etc and Tee Baker took it all OOC and began to provoke in the FIB discord. (He/she also done it with SAHP too because he/she didn't get an interview before someone else). This ended up with him/her being banned from both discords
FIB: h ttps://imgur.com/CGbbPjM & h ttps://imgur.com/M36lvMp & h ttps://imgur.com/Gegwhti & h ttps://imgur.com/bLTM4UI
SAHP: h ttps://imgur.com/yKMSR7w & h ttps://imgur.com/6QocxLB

3.1 Insulting of the person (OOC) is strictly prohibited |Mute 180 minutes or ban up to 7 days

Tee Baker calling SAHP staff 'Pricks' for not dragging him/her into a channel first: h ttps://imgur.com/yKMSR7w & h ttps://imgur.com/6QocxLB

Toxicity in general is not allowed on the server whether its discord or in game. All this evidence I have provided of the toxicity
is started by him/her randomly on discord. People like this should not be on the server when they have clear hatred against someone OOCly for no reason. He/she doesn't get his/her own way so he/she decides to turn toxic.

All toxicity:

- h ttps://imgur.com/yKMSR7w
- h ttps://imgur.com/6QocxLB
- h ttps://imgur.com/CGbbPjM
- h ttps://imgur.com/M36lvMp
- h ttps://imgur.com/Gegwhti
- h ttps://imgur.com/bLTM4UI

Ross is a great leader btw: h ttps://imgur.com/aPYqozR

Not sure of his/her current ID but I know its Tasha King h ttps://imgur.com/YmN7P0H

ALSO I would like to bring up this report again (Apologies): h ttps://gta5grand.com/forum/threads/4225/#post-14294

I don't know if this is a falsified report but this report he/she made is against all legal orgs about emptying trunk however in the top left it says Tee Baker takes things from trunk 5x which is the amount of weaponry that's in her inventory. This is not a guarantee but its just strange to me with the OOC hatred he/she has towards legal orgs as shown above. I'm sure admins can check what he/she took and from what cars she took from.
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Melvin Lacoste

AKA lactose intolerant.
May 9, 2021
Upon reviewing the evidence, I have decided to Accept this report.

ID 17548 will receive a punishment for an attempt to deceive the administration and OOC toxicity.
After a review of this thread and as well as this https://gta5grand.com/forum/threads/4225/ thread.
You were attempting to deceive admins in the thread that was linked.
As well as you have had multiple instances of OOC toxicity not only in-game but as well as discord and the forums.

If you feel the punishment the administrator issued is incorrect, feel free to file a Punishment Appeal
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