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May 8, 2021
Name: Johnny Lahantaestamuloca
Gender: Male
Age: 25
DOB: 22/07/1995
Nationality: Serbian
Sex: Straight
Place of Birth: Serbia
Residence: Los Santos, Vespucci
Parents: Both unknown
Height: 6'2
Weight: 88kg
Body Type: strong Eye
Colour: Black eyes (unique) hair
Colour: Silver aka Grey ( seems coz genetics)

Johnny Lahantaestamuloca was born in South East city in Serbia Vlasotince . Johnny first steps in a city were on Grapeseed farm .He were working hard and after some time he was able to offer to other people Contracts at farm so he was helpfull to people and helping them to gain more money. He finished High school for 3D Modeling , and programing .He is still at college for IT . After He learn city and grow up he was courious about State Organisations . He didnt like typical i wont say classic dont want to be mean State organisations . He didnt find him self in LSPD and FIB , Also he wanted to join Secret service but since he knew whats their job he lost his focus on that .Then that day comes when he decited to want to go in a army . One night Johnny came to North Gate at Fort Zancudo , He didnt knew that the entrance in Fort is forbidden he passed stop sight. He didnt want to go more inside incase getting shoted . After few mins Major Seargent Tobbz Seedorf show up and told him he is glad that Johnny wanted to start service at National Guard and gived him instructions about how to get recruited . Johnny waited that day he were working hard in gym at Vespucci Beach . Then he reach maximum of his power . Johnny knew he was ready to joing National Guard . Then that day came . Johnny in a morning headed straight up to North Gate at Fort Zancudo and he meet Captain Jayjay Lee . Jayjay Lee wanted to recruit Johnny but u know what . We didnt get respond for backround check for allready one hour . By the that time Raid of Gang members started at Fort Zancudo . Major Jayjay told to Johnny to go hide coz they getting raided . Johnny wanted to help to deffend Fort Zancudo but he didnt had anything on him and also he would break Law of City .

So Johnny decided to Hide in bushes near Recruiting office (Right side from North Gate). He saw some big black SUV headed to Fort Zancudo but Johnny didnt know who it was . He showed up and they saw him and came to him . In black SUV was Ethan Versacce and Johnny Black . They told him : Johnny what u are doing here . Johnny told them that he got instructions to stay there and be safe until raid finish . They laughted and they went to help Forces of National guard to prevent raid . Raid ended . One older guy in a uniform shows up at the gate . He introduced him self Captain Kris Kringle . Then all fun started.

4)Master with any gun
5) He care alot about people that are in National Guard and other State Organisations.
6) He dont mind to put his life in danger to save his comrades in a Mission or rescue situations
7) He is ready to die for his comrades
8) Being able to fight 3/4 people at once due to his Special Forces Training.(Only on Duty)
9) He is ultimative soldier , Have maxed skill on all weapons, From his training, he was taught how to use many weapons. This means he can pick up weapons and ammo from his deceased foes and use it if required.
10) Johnny is not afraid of guns being drawn. Because of his special forces training, he is not afraid to use his CQB hand-to-hand training against someone with a gun.
11) Can carry 3 NG special weapons all time he is Special Forces and is required to respond to situations quickly.

May 2, 2021
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Sam Pluxury

Deputy Chief Administrator
Deputy Chief Administrator
May 7, 2021
Bio closed (not in NG anymore)

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