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Jun 13, 2021
Name:Charles Vis
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Race: White
Nationality: American
Date of birth: 5th of January 1997
Place of Birth: New York
Weight: 170
Height: 6 foot
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Black/Grey
Strengths: skilled shooter, skilled driver, very loyal to his friends, hard worker
Weakness: greedy for money and the people he cares about can be used against him

Charles was always a normal kid. He went to school and from an early age he was a good hard working student. He had a normal group of friends and a normal life. All changed on his 11th birthday. On that day, his dad got fired from the bank he worked at. It was in 2008 right in the middle of the economic crisis. His dad simply walked in the house and went to his bedroom, without saying anything to his wife or his son who were celebrating downstairs. He took the gun that he safely kept hidden in his closet, put the weapon in his mouth and pulled the trigger. A few days later Charles's mother found out that his father had spent every dollar he had gambling at casinos and paying for hookers. With no money to pay for the mortgage or Charles's school, They were forced to move out to a small appartment on Jones Street in Manhattan. At this point, Charles got in touch with the wrong group of people. He became very proefficient in one area: stealing cars. He was one of the best in his group and it became a good way for him to earn money. He'd steal 1-2 cars a day and would resell the parts spliting the profit with his crew. Charles wasn't well seen by the other gangs and groups around town, many times he was treatened and even almost killed because he would steal cars that others wanted. But it was risk he was willing to take just to make the extra money, not only to support his group but also his mom. He did this same gig for about a month and a half before getting caught at a scrap yard by local cops. They were able to make a run for it but 1 cop wasn't letting them go. No matter how fast they were running the cop wasn't giving up so the group decided to split up. Charles and his close friend, Chris, went left and the rest went right. The cop seeing that Charles was slowing down decided to chase the group of two running away. Chris turned around and saw that the cop was still chasing after them he looked and Charles, nodded his head and then turned around and ran head first into the police officer. It's at this point that Charles realised one thing: friendship is the strongest bound.

Charles later joined the military at the age of 17. He signed up for a 6 year contract with the army. This allowed him to learn a lot about guns and improve his fighting skills. He took the military very seriously and made some of his closest friends there. For him, it was like a new beginning. Away from the criminal life and into a more organized, serious and lawful lifestyle. But one thing never changed, Charles always stayed greedy and stingy on everything that concerned money. He would hesitate to help out even his closest friends when it came to that matter, just because he knew what it was like to have nothing and to be at the bottom of the barrel.

After the military, Charles didn't really know what to do. To Charles, loyalty and money is what matters the most, this led him to some hard situations in the past year. Some of his close friends were being hunted down by old gang members and to protect them he had to comit some of the worst crimes he's ever done. Charles was able to cover everything but to this day, he is still hauted by the actions he did to protect his friends.

- Skilled driver, he can outdrive anyone (from his childhood stealing cars)

- Can pick up guns and ammo if it benefits him either financially or in a gun fight from him being skilled with guns (from the time he spent in the army)

- Will break small laws in exchange of money when he's sure nothing will get back to him (from him being greedy for money)

- Would be able to carry armor and weapons off duty to protect himself from the gang members he fought while protecting his friends and from the gangs who tried to kill him when he was young

- Bias towards his close friends that he's loyal to/that are loyal to him

- Will break laws if he feels it could benefit him financially or his friends

-Charles can use any weapon during gunfights due to his experience with guns (experience he gain from being in the army)
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Zac Zero

May 26, 2021
Upon reviewing this application, I have decided to Deny this request.

- Government Laws are not be broken while working as a National Guard.

You can submit another application.
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