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Rejected Stephanie Fettuccine | Chief Of Investigations SAHP

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Jul 9, 2021
Name: Stephanie Fettuccine
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Race: White
Nationality: Italian American
Date of birth: 1/20/2000
Place of Birth: Bensonhurst Brooklyn, New York City
Father: Vincent Fettuccine
Mother: Nicole Fettuccine
Sexuality: Straight
Weight: 168
Height: 5’8
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Purple
Tattoos: None

Born and raised in the prominent Italian neighborhood of Bensonhurst, Stephanie had a very interesting childhood. Her parents immigrated to New York City from Sicily, Italy and opened up a restaurant. They made pasta as that was what they did best. The restaurant was very successful and became the neighborhood's attraction. It brought in a lot of money and the Fettuccine's were living the American dream.

Childhood Trauma:
Everything was going smooth until one night, Stephanie's father Vincent heard some loud clanging in the restaurant below. He grabbed his baseball bat and proceeded down the stairs to see what was happening. Also woken up by the noise, Stephanie went to see what was happening. Her father was opening the door to the restaurant while Stephanie was peeking from the top of the stairs. There were bandits stealing all the cash and equipment. Vincent tried to stop them but they had guns and began to shoot. Struck multiple times, Vincent was rushed to the hospital.

Career In Law Enforcement
Stephanie’s father Vincent passed away minutes after he was rushed into surgery. When Stephanie heard the news that her father passed, she was devastated. She decided to make it her mission to find her father’s killers and put them in jail for life. Once she turned 18, she joined the NYPD. Her FTO was one of the most notorious detectives, Louis Eppolito. He was heavily involved with the Gambino crime family and was highly corrupt. As Stephanie shadowed detective Eppolito, she rose up the ranks eventually becoming a detective herself. Stephanie became Eppolito’s partner and participated in many illegal activities such as bribery, extortion, abuse of power, and unethical interrogation methods. Stephanie herself became deeply rooted in the Gambino crime family.

The Move To Los Santos
After helping the Gambino family cover up multiple murders of rival families, Stephanie was in deep trouble. The rival families went after her siblings. After two of her brothers were murdered, Stephanie was sent to Los Santos by the Gambino crime family for her own protection. Once there, she joined the Sheriff’s department as a detective almost instantly due to her previous experience in the NYPD.

-Hangs out with crime organizations to feel the sense of family as she did with the Gambinos
-Takes apart in extortion, theft, bribery, and other corrupt activities
-Can be very violent when interrogating often using torture methods
-Has trouble separating her work as a detective and her personal life
-Always keeps her on duty guns and armor with her to get out of sticky situations with gangs
-Uses her badge to cover up crimes and get out of trouble with the law

Zac Zero

May 26, 2021
Upon reviewing, I have decided to Deny this request.

Reason of denying request is person who reviewed is utterly scared at the outcomes and definitely go against server rules.

You can submit another biography with a less scary outcome.
Not open for further replies.
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