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Rejected DM in a non ghetto zone and killing a ems employee| 6473 12555 |11432 28795

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Players nickname
Bruno Corleone
Suspect ID
6473 12555 11432 287
Date of violation
Jul 12, 2021
Time of violation

Bruno Corleone/Gambino

Jun 26, 2021
So I was searching a family home to raid since the last one didnt work out I told my boys to come to me before I start and to not show is weapons cuz its NOT a guetto zone.
After I found it , gone to the bridge to give the calls and after that random two players one with ID that I tought would understand the minimum understanding of the game, start just DeathMatching and killing everybody without saying a thing. Even after the EMS arriving with the ID 29361 getting shot on duty! (remember EMS is told to not go to ghetto zones aswell ) I didnt even pull the gun because I know the rules, the first thing I did was taking a day off to read everything and understanding the mechanicks and sinergy of this server to make this not happen to others! But pls its every single day I need to make a form on the forum to get someone warned, its getting out of control...
In the first video you can see clearly where the first shot was made and clearly on not guetto zone , even if she was I wanst ( will post a print taking in front of their house to proof it ) I told the first member to not shot, because could have been a mistake done ,but nop, they started to continue their "guetto Zone" task and after that I give the call to shoot and they run inside their house . When this incident happen another car appear and start shooting aswell apparently they arent together however im sad for the guy that swear for his parents that he didnt shoot first as you can see in the first video. The second one is just a bonus. I tried to record another one when I talked with ID 12555 and 6473 but his answer was "its a guetto zone I play this game for 3months, go f***yourself or I kill u again" I offered a map of Los Santos to prove it but he didnt care ahah dont have proof cuz I didnt had enough space on my disk, will care about this asap.

Once Again I appeal that this type of players get out , ruining tottally a server with alot of potential however like I said its out of control...

Staff that taked care of the report Sam DeaconStJonh#24663

(THIS image represents the front house in question, the first shot was made further in the road than that)
Have a nice day/night all and hope they got a real punished because with those IDs they should know better the server.
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Zema Amore

Jun 14, 2021
Upon reviewing the evidence, I have decided to Deny this report.

Insufficient evidence. The area you are in is the ghetto. People can shoot for any reason in the ghetto. In your POV I also do not see an EMS worker die.

Side note: Do not use discord to relay in game information. That is considered metagaming, and you will be punished should it happen again.
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