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Approved Looting while getting shot, Breaking FearRP | ID 3156

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Players nickname
Julie Barr
Suspect ID
Date of violation
Jul 12, 2021
Time of violation

Julie Barr

Save POV
Jun 21, 2021
As you can see in the first clip, my partner and I pulled up to shoot at the dude in the Santa mask. I was not aware that there were more than him. I clapped him, then i wasn't even aware of the dude above us, as you can tell cause I didn't even aim at him till he shot. Which leads to ID 3156 first rule break. I looted the Rev because I didn't see him, but I also wasn't being shot at. I then see him put a gun away or try to pull it out (sometimes it bugs after you die and it does the put-away animation while you're trying to pull it out.) While being shot at, he goes to loot his buddies' stuff. Secondly, while I am robbing the first person I clapped, as you can see my backup went to pick up ID 3156 and he had two guns on him at least, and he decides to pull out a gun and try to shoot at them which is breaking FearRP.

Looting during Gunfight: Looting during GF
Breaking FearRP: breaking fear rp

Melvin Lacoste

AKA lactose intolerant.
May 9, 2021
Upon reviewing the evidence, I have decided to Accept this report.

ID 3156 will receive a punishment for FearRP, General Rules 6.9
ID 3156 is seen looting while being shot and breaking FeaRP as he is being robbed.

If you feel the punishment the administrator issued is incorrect, feel free to file a Punishment Appeal
Not open for further replies.
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