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Papi Gordo

May 12, 2021


Sheriff Department

The San Andreas Highway Patrol was established to over look and protect the citizens of the great state of San Andreas, while ensuring the highways and all areas of the state remain safe from crime. Established in 1920 to 'Prevent Cocaine Fueled Road Rage Incidents' with the new Ford Model-T, the San Andreas Highway Patrol has come a long way. From then to now we have provided expressly professional, and courteous service to the Blaine County area as well as the Highways that brought us our mandate. While running one of the biggest penitentiaries in the country. The SAHP is always available to help any and all other state organizations with the useful resources to tack on the many crimes being committed. With our ever growing department, we have created divisions to ensure our highways, our citizens, our businesses, and our lovely state can live safely and remain freely.

The general role of a Sheriff
Being a Sheriff requires you to abide by a simple code of ethics and remain loyal to the badge, we serve as a brotherhood and work together as a team. Our duties are to control and protect the highways by executing speed traps, DUI checkpoints and conducting our "stop and search" routine when in high risk areas. Deputies are also to ensure all citizens are driving with registered license plates and have (Complete Auto Coverage) Insurance on there automobiles. Responsibilities also include ensuring when responding to a criminal call there is traffic control on the scene, and on a need be basis executing our Special Weapons And Task force when responding to major criminal situations.

Current Structure

Papi Gordo

Deputy Sheriff
Maxwell Hartman

High Command
Jordan Thornex
Tommy Smalls
Ralphy Rolfe
Joseph Kony
Willy Gates
Tito Garcia
Johness Jankins
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