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Players nickname
Rich Macintosh
Suspect ID
ID 1121 748 751
Date of violation
May 16, 2021
Time of violation


May 10, 2021
Greenzone rule 1.5 ?

I was sitting at my plantation (Number 11) waiting, as my pilot was in-air about to fertilize our 20-bed pineapple plantation. Two cars pull up and 3 people hop out and pull guns on me instantly without any type of roleplay at all. He tells me to hop out the car, and i respond that this is my plantation and this is a greenzone. After that they didn't say anything else to me, so i kept resetting my mic. (atleast 10 times). I didn't hear anything from all three of the players still. I see an admin hope out and i then get out the car so i can talk to the admin (Andy Lemon). As i get out the car, I see one of the players starts to hotwire (attempt to steal my car). I pull out my taser (non-lethal weapon) to stop the theft from stealing my car right as the admin was there. so i can tell him what was going on, they all kill me and the admin allows them to take the car.

They didnt tell me they were robbing my car or nothing.

I need someone to help me understand why my 20-bed pineapple plantation is not an "official greenzone" and how thieves can pull up their guns. I owned a 10 bed pumpkin plantation that was a greenzone and you couldn't pull out guns. I need someone to explain Greenzone rules 1.5 in full. Because ive taught all my family members that all business and greenzones are non tolerated to killing and robbing.

Please don't close the ticket without telling me what I did wrong.

Andy Lemon

MedKit Forger
May 7, 2021
Hello! Thank you for making a report.
After reviewing the video evidence, I have decided to ACCEPT this report and punish the player.
Thank you​
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