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Kingo Lenssen

May 8, 2021
Kingo Lenssen (6405)
Place of Birth: Munich
84 KG
Eye: green
hair: brown

Growing up in an orphanage home in Munich from the age of one, Kingo experienced a very strict education. This made him a pretty good student, but he was never really happy. The only thing he really enjoyed was watching Michael Schumacher race in the F1 on the weekend. He would have loved to become a race driver himself but didnt have the financial background. Therefore he swore to himself that he will drive his own Ferrari one day. After finishing school Kingo got interested in law because he wanted to be independent once and for all. He started studying law at the University of Heidelberg at the age of 19. Kingo started to hustle and wrote papers for other students in exchange for money. This went well until his best friend "H. Uhrensohn", snitched on him. As a consequence, Kingo got kicked out of university at the age of 23. He valued loyalty the most in his life, so he was deeply shocked. He just wanted to leave German asap.. With the rest of the money and nothing but his Ipad he flew to Los Santos. Soon after his arrival he met other Germans by accident. They helped him to gain a foothold in the city. With them, he really felt like having a family for the first time of his life. His 3rd day in the city he got Private at the NG. With higher age, Kingo got more&more fed up with strict education. He would die for his comrades but he isnt loyal to the hierarchical system. Later he and his Friends joined Playboys. Still dreaming of his Ferrari, Kingo started to also make bank on the side. He doesnt fear the consequences he might experience at the NG. He is only loyal to people, not to the system.

- Would give his own life for Tobzz Reaper, Olli Maldini and Heinrich Schwarz if they are in danger
- To help his closest friends, he would even steal from the NG armory.
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