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Players nickname
Johness Jankins
Suspect ID
14877, 14876, 14878
Date of violation
May 17, 2021
Time of violation


May 11, 2021
I was not given proper time to fear rp I was in the middle of the animation of getting on my bike and did not even turn it on when I was shoot. I did the right thing and allowed them to revive me and continued on rp.

But that is a gross violation of rp and would never happen irl if I had made an attempt to run I would understand being shot but as u can see I was not even given a chance to rp this scene as I was gunned down for the fact that the motorcycle animation takes a moment. I had no time to react and comply with their demands, and that ruined the rp experience.
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Andy Lemon

MedKit Forger
May 7, 2021
Upon reviewing the evidence, I have decided to Deny not being given proper time to react to fearrp, at the moment struck by the vehicle and on your way to the bike they made demands to stop and put hands up. On the other side I will Accept the claim of 14877 vdm you off your bike when they arrived, and will be punished for this.
I Believe from your driving unrealistically to get away you would be feeling fearrp, when you are hit by the car they start giving demands and you still head to your bike.
If you feel the punishment the administrator issued is incorrect, feel free to file a Punishment Appeal
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