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May 8, 2021
Name: Maxwell Hartman
Alias: Max Speed, Max
DOB: 04011997
Age: 28
Nationality: American
Skin Type: Caucasian
Height: 5'11
Weight: 185lbs
Body Type: Lean Muscular
Hair Color: Naturally Dark Brown
Eye Color: Hazel

Early Life
Maxwell was born to a single mother who claimed vehemently that he was a divine gift. Los Santos had always been an odd place, where gods walked among men so most just took it as she had a chance encounter that got out of hand. Around the age of two, Maxwell was taken from Miss Hartman under the clause that she was insane and brought to an orphanage.

From ages two to five, he was treated quite well there; taught his rights from wrongs and shown soapbox car racing as it was the safest alternatives to go-karts the nuns were willing to show the boys. Around five, he was adopted by a lovely pair of mechanics named Frank and Matilda Speed. Life with his adopted parents was a wonderful experience for him. He never quite forgot the trauma from his early years, however they ended up being relegated to night terrors than actual memories he could say happened. Just reoccurring dreams.

During his time with his parents, he lived out near the Chip Tuning shop in Sandy Shores; repairing cars, respraying them, and generally learning the ins and outs of most automobiles. In his spare time he raced go-karts, and occasionally actual cars at the Casino racetrack; especially before they refit it for horse races. Eventually, however the Salieri Family got ahold of Maxwell.

Under The Thumb
Now 18, Maxwell moved out of his parents' junkyard and began working full time for the Family; he was of Italian heritage, so they didn't exactly mind his presence. Was he happy? Not exactly, but they had him stuck there as their getaway driver, race driver, et cetera. No way out that he could see so far. 'Our Thing' or, the Cosa Nostra (Real Italian Mob, not the family in the server) was growing quite rapidly, and a new family had weaseled their way into one of Don Salieri's profit lines. This upset the Don, and he reacted as well as anybody could expect an angry old man in his late 50's would when his crime empire was put under the glass by competition. For a year, Maxwell drove for almost every single assassination carried out; as well as assassinating a high profile mayor by the name of Brasco. It took him a week to learn the basics of the Remington he was handed, but it was universal knowledge according to the weapons guy, Vito.

During this year, the police began heavily looking into the Mob. The Consigliere had cracked and began to let out secrets for the safety of his family. Maxwell couldn't put the old man down, he was like a second father. The Don heard of this, and Maxwell knew his goose was cooked as soon as one of his closest friends was gunned down in the street. Max barely survived, managing to push several of the gunmen's off buttons before rushing away.

The most confusing part of the entire mess was simply that during the chaos nobody had thought to identify him, and he slipped off. For a year, the mob was systematically dismantled; the Books were burned to protect his empire, and the Don was sent to prison and killed there by an inmate.

Things felt quiet, and Maxwell was quite convinced things were going to go in his favor afterwards; especially as he assumed that somehow, someone was watching over him to make sure things fell into place.
Maybe his mother wasn't crazy at all...

Building it Up Again
Building what? A life. Maxwell had turned the ripe age of 22 when all of this had come to an end, he used around 3/4 of his amassed wealth to completely cover his tracks. The remaining money, except for something he could live on while finding work, was anonymously donated to charity. Twenty thousand to his name, the inflation rates started to rise and the pay lagged behind quite a lot for any job he took. From the new power grid needing electricians to the lumber yards needing more laborers. Maxwell gave taxi work a spin, but it didn't pay enough to support himself either. He found out his adoptive parents had moved out of Los Santos to find a more stable economy, and kept contact with them through e-mail and snail mail as best he could.

Deciding it would be best to leave Los Santos for a while, Maxwell joined the US Army and ended up deploying to a logistics base in Syria for his first four years. Choosing to not reenlist after his buddy Frank was killed in an IED explosion, he returned to Los Santos and took up work with the SAHP. It had just been gutted for corruption, so the process of rising the ranks wasn't as difficult as he had expected.

Now the San Andreas Highway Patrol Deputy Chief, Maxwell has been living a somewhat comfortable if not action packed life managing the Highways, Blaine County, and his subordinates.


Maxwell can refuse to stop for vehicles of any number if he believes the odds are in his favor. He also will be able to drive off if a gun is pointed at him.
Maxwell will often curse, swear, or yell at people with mario kart references if they are bad at driving or he spins out. (For Example; spins out "Goddamn Banana peels in the road again")
While on duty, Maxwell has his bodycamera constantly recording.
Maxwell does not mind taking a bribe if it benefits the SAHP. He won't take a bribe if it only benefits himself.
Maxwell is ready and willing to street race, even if it breaks the law; however he prefers to legalize the races especially in his home jurisdiction of paleto bay.
Maxwell will never take narcotics, he feels he needs to have a sense of control over himself that drugs strip away.
During his time in the Mob, Maxwell has learned to use most any weapon available, especially tommy guns. If he is running low on ammo; he will use weapons he picks up.
Maxwell is a Taser Tag Champion, and will tase someone in the middle of a gunfight if he sees it as a means to a less bloody end.

Maxwell will often get heated when it comes to subjects he is passionate about (Driving, Thieves Honor, Absolute Stupidity)
Maxwell has a stress response to Smuckers Peanut Butter; it is the only brand that causes any sort of stress reaction.
Maxwell has a hard time identifying people by face, relying on voice. However, meeting so many people causes him to possibly misrecognize those he is speaking with quite frequently if they are not a frequent contact.

Sam Pluxury

Deputy Chief Administrator
Deputy Chief Administrator
May 7, 2021
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