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Space Felis

The Royal Feline
Nov 5, 2021
1. Your name IRL: Sunny
2. Your age: 19
3. Time zone: GMT +0
4. Average online per day: 2-6 hours 5. Times: (weekdays online from 3:30 generally weekends nearly all day)
6 Your Discord: Space#5108
7. Your Nickname: Space Felis
8. Your ID: 77180
9. I would like to be part of the state section

Additional information
1. Why do you want to become an admin?
- I have been a part of the server for a good amount of time now, I have worked my way through several legal orgs and criminal orgs. I wish to better help the community of Grand RP and by becoming an admin I will have the ability to do this. I wish to become an admin to provide players with the help they need and help keep grand rp running as smooth as possible.

2. What are your strengths?
- My strengths are my communication skills I have an easy time talking to new people and I don’t get frustrated with others when they are struggling with English. Although it’s the only language I can speak I am fluent in it

Another strength I possess is that I am good at improvising in difficult situations and im good with handling angered players

3. What are your greatest weaknesses?
My greatest weakness is my persistence, I tend to continue working on things further than others but I know where the line is ;)

4. Will you be ready to leave RP life to become an admin?
- Yes, I am ready to leave RP life.

5. Will you be ready to sell your business? (It's restricted to have a business while you are an admin)
- I do not own any business to sell.

6. I have university but I am available at the times above and love some gaming to put me off of life ;)

Bobby Pluxury

Chief Administrator
Chief Administrator
May 18, 2021

Unfortunately we do not need admins with the Specifics you have Provided, and Gain More Experience in the Server and you can Apply in the future for admins.​
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