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Inductance West

Loyalists <3
Sep 22, 2021
Family Name: West Clappers
Family Owner: Inductance Nuggets | 321
Family House Number: 645
Family Founder Discord: INDUCTANC3#8416
Family Owner Forum Link: Inductance West

Starting with a few friends in Russia we quickly expanded across the world. We are more than just a family. Indu and her sister Ash started taking over businesses' around Russia, this became a bit of a addiction and we saw how easy it was to get power. After overlooking the mass production and distribution of the major drug business' in Russia the KGB/the Investigative Committee of Russia caught us for tax evasion. After this we were given an alternate ; Either they put us in jail for tax evasion while they gather proof of our other crimes. Or we flee the country and start a new life, leaving the Russian Mafia to crumble without our ruling.
The only solution was to run and start a new life after committing crimes such as:
Kidnapping KGB and federal agents.
smuggling drugs such as heroine, cocaine, weed and many others around the country and supplying dealers.
Harming and even killing punters and victims of the crimes.
These crimes would land us in jail for life.

After arriving at Los Santos we tried to live legit. Getting jobs on constructions sites, even working our way to a pilot license and flying goods for airline services. However, we quickly fell back into our own ways of robbing and turning to gang activity. We decided a family is the best way to convey out passion for crimes and out loyalty to each other. This is when we met our distant family members. They showed us the best crimes to commit, how to escape the police and all the dark secrets we needed to know to conquer and command a family. They had a structure of order throughout our cousins and relative's. This became addictive to achieve for us.(edited)
Working our way up to top dogs in the family our old grandfathers decided to retire leaving the empire to us.

This is when we decided to run West with a purpose;
Our purpose in this new city is to take over the drug industry. Owning all drug labs and supplying the drugs and counterfeit money throughout the city.
Indu and Ash have shown a new agenda to our family and how they can show our presence to the wider public by owning every street corner making sure no one sells drugs on our turf. However, we want to do it from the shadows.
Although our grandfathers wanted to be feared, wanted their faces to scare people when seen. We want to rule the city from the background. with no attention to our faces. We want to walk among the people we control without them knowing. The name "The West Family" to be feared, but no one knows who we are.

For an outsider to become part of our family we have tests. To pass the test your need to have a high level of shooting skill; You need to be able to deal a lot of damage and keep up with out gunning skills.
You need a high level of fitness; The higher fitness you have means the more you can carry for us, we can use this to collect things from the events we attend.
You also need to have good driving skills; We do NOT want our family getting caught in any police chases or any criminal activities.
Finally, you need to show loyalty and show you don't want to use us for our power or money; That you actually want to take part in the family and show commitment.
Ranks in order:
1 - Associate
2 - Soldier
3 - Assassin
4 - Mafia
5 - Hitman
6- Street Boss
7 - Boss
8 - El Chapo
9 - Godfather

Family Rules:

1- Never re-invite someone who got kicked from a higher rank than you, if you think the one who kicked him out is wrong, gather your evidence and contact a higher rank than him, ( If the kick was from the God Father rank, it cannot be escalated and it’s final decision )

2- Never shame our family name with your behavior / breaking rules / do stuff that you are not qualified enough for it. ( keep it for the professional people )

3- Killing or shooting in green zone / in Capital or any Gov HQ, ( remember that we have leaders in FIB / In GOV / In SAHP / In gangs is prohibited in both the game and family rules. You only bring bad reputation to our family name.

4- Harassing family members is not allowed

6 - Make sure before you inviting new family members that they have at least 10 years experience in the city

7 - Bodycam is ALWAYS required for red circle events

8 - If someone leaves the family they are not allowed coming back.

9 - Stealing from the family is instant blacklist.

Family outfit:
Family Goal:

1 - Keep grinding to become the best family both financially and ranking wise
2- Maintaining our friendships within the family and therefore improving our bond with each other daily
3- Win family wars and all types of events that we attend​

Xavier Escuela

Senior Administrator
Senior Administrator
Jun 26, 2021

I Accept your unofficial ORG bio thank you for applying,
enjoy and don't break any server rules, and don't go against the server scripts.
you will be given unofficial status within 24 hours in-game and discord
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