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Mona Darling

Oct 26, 2021
1.Atharv Pandey
2.19 (in 2022)
4. Based on Server Time From what time until what time you play-10:00 a.m.
5.8-12 Hours
6.Shin Chan#9388
7.Mona Darling
9. I want to be curator of State section(EMS)
Additional information
1.I have been in server for like 300 plus days and i have been through most of all player aspect which is getting robbed to getting in an organisation i have seen it all in between of all this i can say i have been through all ups and downs now the new players have so many privilege to spawn their cars for free back then we didn't had so much of free opportunities, so now i want to experience the game from gods eye (from admins POV). I've been in the server since a long time now and I really like being here. I've been in EMS for more than 120 days now and I have learnt alot. I am really professional and punctual.I am a strict follower of all rules myself, whether it is city, govt org or gangs. And at times I also make sure that the others are following them as well as much as I can. But due to limited abilities, almost more than 50% of the times I have failed and been ignored by the citizens. So I want to become one of the administrators so that I can efficiently use this skill set for this role and make the city a better place. Also, as we all know, the city is growing day by day and I would like to make my contribution to ensure it's smooth running.
I am fascinated with the work city Admins have been doing. I am really in awe of their support and I also want to contribute a little to the city as well. Being a part of the staff team and helping out everyone alongside with other admins would be a great pleasure for me. I always give 200% in what ever I do and I believe I can be a really good addition to the team.
I have seen the team working day and night to make this the biggest project and now been added in the history more than 11000 players online and playing in our servers.
2. I am really good at communication. I am a good people's person. Effective leadership skills, I am a quick learner as well, my trainer would need to put minimum effort to mold me into the role. I know languages like English and Hindi.
3. I cannot be in the city for more than the time mentioned above. Not good at arguing with people. I do not have any previous administrator experience, but looking forward to start here since I am a quick learner
4.Yes I am ready to leave RP life to become an admin
Any IRL issue or Situation that is Preventing you From being Active at the moment?-
No IRL issue or Situation that can prevent me from being an admin

Thank you lovely reviewing adminstrator, for spending your precious time in reading my application
Lots of love from
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Bobby Pluxury

Senior Administrator
Senior Administrator
May 18, 2021

we do not need admins with the Specifics you have Provided at the moment.​
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